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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    Curious Ikerus TheFallen No free travel yet :3
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Hear me out.. How about a VSE Mk.2 that's exactly the same as Mk.1 except it gives a small permanent synch bonus. I feel like if any team can make this happen, fairly, this team can! make all the necessary materials for the upgrade mission to be personally looted/crafted (going with the theme of...
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    New weapons?

    So, after listening to the latest Ark dev talk, it brings up the point that we don't really have any type of plasma or gauss weapons to use for casual hunting. Apparently Ark will be releasing some new plasma weapons for us to use, but it would be really cool if we could get some usable gauss...
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Also, larger and more frequent natural stone and fruit spawns would be REALLY nice :D
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    So here are my suggestions for Toulan: 1. Isolated spawn areas of old alphas or higher sunjoq with high respawn rates. 2. Higher level L weapons and armor from mobs as well as some nice UL varients :P 3. TPs at Snow Stretch, Shandy Shores West and at the Dam Cliffs "City Areas" 4. More uses...
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