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  1. Alissanos

    Monria Event | In Search of the Grimoire | Saturday - Sep 14th

    If it's not too late to register a team please add Ali and Bluu on Monria team leader amanda Alissanos robinson thanks
  2. Alissanos

    From Team Monria | HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

    Thank you DM :) Had a lovely day out shopping with my mam! :clap
  3. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Anhithe "

    Happy Birthday Ant!! Have a great day!
  4. Alissanos

    The Wizard & The Writer | Happy 4 Yr Anniversary

    Congratulations to you both! What an amazing photo and a lovely surprise! You two look great together :) Hope you both have a wonderful day!
  5. Alissanos

    Monria | New Years Eve Party

    Really looking forward to this! Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, I didn't think we were actually going do it when we were talking in the shop :) but it should be a blast!
  6. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | Oberon "Moon Wizard" NightSeer

    Happy birthday Obie, hope you have a wonderful day!
  7. Alissanos

    Too Special Not To Share | It Took A Virtual Universe

    or is it a case of when? :) Love it, something to treasure forever and beautifully done!
  8. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Rosa "

    Happy Birthday Rosa!! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  9. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | "Kendra"

    Hey, Happy Birthday!!! Hope they are all spoiling you! Have a lovely day!
  10. Alissanos

    DME | Moon State of Mind

    Ever since I arrived on the moon, you have shown me nothing but support and friendship. To me that's all that counts. I am very glad Ant brought you back to the game and gave me the opportunity to get to know you!
  11. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Ana "

    Happy Birthday!! hope you have a nice day!
  12. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Jezzica "

    Happy Birthday!! have a good one!
  13. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Spawn "

    Happy Birthday!! have a great day!
  14. Alissanos

    Tutorial : Weapons

    I completely agree that choosing between blp, laser and plasma is important, I never saw the point in skilling all three which is why I chose blp. I just kind of always put them as one choice, so when I look at it, its guns, blades and chips with each having their own choices. Many people...
  15. Alissanos

    Tutorial : Weapons

    Very nice explanation of how it all works E, this is something that I found difficult to understand when I first started so will be very useful for anyone choosing a gun. When I started playing I was given a freanD delta by my mentor, I have to say I had a lot of fun with that gun lol. I used...
  16. Alissanos

    Public Event Organizer

    I love the idea E, I could be wrong but I think there has to be a designated event area first before an event terminal can be added. If they could do that the caves would be great for various types of events and I've always wanted to set up an event too :)
  17. Alissanos

    Happy Birthday | " Hovno "

    Happy Birthday! hope you have a great day!
  18. Alissanos

    A Special St Patrick's Day Moment

    Haha I remember the photo shoot, I had just woken up to catch the end of the craft off and still half asleep, I wasn't paying attention to main chat where you were telling us to stay still for a photo and right when you were about to take the first shot, Marita pm'ed me and told me to pogo lol
  19. Alissanos

    New Shop Owners | Jack Styles & Alissanos

    Thanks everyone :ecstatic: and good luck with your shop Jack!
  20. Alissanos

    Hi Fellow Monrians

    Welcome :) and gz on the shop, can't wait to see what you do with it, that was some impressive bidding! :)
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