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    Lotus Temple Feedback

    I 100% AGREE!
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    Dsec bug report not getting credit for dual item drops....

    same a while back, Rais II Flash Drive 16GB issue
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    My new look

    Got me a new outfit last night, I like your style Toulan. :D
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    Color cutting

    #1 black [Planet Toulan, 134432, 96411, 275, Waypoint] #2 orange [Planet Toulan, 134302, 96458, 284, Waypoint] #3 red [Planet Toulan, 134543, 96414, 275, Waypoint] #4 black [Planet Toulan, 134284, 96257, 323, Waypoint] #5 white [Planet Toulan, 134059, 96760, 319, Waypoint]
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    Virtualsense Quarterly | September 2021

    sad I missed out on being in the magazine but ill post my picture here. Thank you to everyone who helped me kill the commander.
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    zerokewl84 zero kewl - paying atm. i am also a pilot on the kronan and victory ships for skill runs and space boss events and can help in any way if ever needed.
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    Rais II Flash Drive 16GB issue

    I thought I seen this happen 2 other times so I was watching for it this time and I got the screen shot. When looting other broken parts its not counting the 16gb flash drives for the mission. before this loot I was 48 of 50 and this loot should have completed the mission but did not.
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    Item stuck in [Jewellery box]

    ty, moving it with another item worked.
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    Item stuck in [Jewellery box]

    GM, in the top right corner of my [Jewellery box] is my [Kismet Light Laser V3 (L)] and it will not allow me to drag it out or see any information on it. iv tried relogging and waiting for the maintenance today but its still stuck in there.
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    Retrieve resources for Rais 1 feedback

    Thank you for starting Hally. I'm not good at this but here we go... I have done the picking for part mission almost every day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day since the last VU 3 months ago. except for the very first time ever doing the mission I had never gotten 0 broken parts during the 2...
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