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  1. Deatz

    Cthylla Tower, Shop 1 - Shop Inventory List

    SHOP INVENTORY LIST @ ( SHOPKEEPER ) * Shagadi Disintegration Sword * Khorum Ice Dagger * Fi/Ra/Co Beast * Qty 1 * Omegaton A106 * ArMatrix L-Amplifier 6B (L) * ArMatrix L-Amplifier 10B (L) * Out of stock * Sweet Scope Mk I * Elkarr Precision Scope * Bullseye 1 * Out of Stock * Bullseye VI (L)...
  2. Deatz

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    Out with the old in with the new :)
  3. Deatz

    Virtualsense Team 7 Year Anniversary Event | Nov 26th

    Please Register: Team Name: Spartans on Monria Team Leader: Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
  4. Deatz

    Monria 2022 | St Patrick's Day Event | Decca Brings Out The Evil

    Please Register Team Name - Spartans Pew Pew on Monria Team Leader- Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
  5. Deatz


    Another fantastic job!
  6. Deatz

    Monria Event | Virtualsense Team 6 Year Anniversary Celebration

    Please register Cave Run on Monria Team Leader - Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
  7. Deatz

    Minor Tweak to Event Area Suggestion

    Good day, after hosting an event in the event area today I would like to suggest a minor tweak. I would propose that the LA boundary be expanded to include the Event Terminal and Turret. This would allow a host to view the event dashboard without having to be in the aggro area and also would...
  8. Deatz

    EVENT | Toulan Event Island | 11/25 @ 1400 Game time

    ***Come Grind Codex*** 225 Ped in prizes at stake Free Event 11/25 @ 1400 on Toulan Go to the Global Event List to get your ticket before they are gone!!! This is a total loot event, not an HSL as the event says. Sorry for the confusion :)
  9. Deatz

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    Thank you Kendra
  10. 11.04 mini.mp4

    11.04 mini.mp4

  11. Deatz

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    This is a video of what occurred the evening of November 4th, 2021. The gentleman in that you see in the mountain side fell asleep while driving and as I moved over to avoid the debris on the inside lane one of his rims and tire had come to rest in the outside lane causing a very wild ride...
  12. Deatz

    DSEC9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    What a fantastic job on DSEC9, congratulations, as I know this was a huge effort by all of the VS staff to make it a reality. This may draw some heat from other players, however, the push for increasing the armor drops is not needed. There is no other armor quest in EU where both the upgrade...
  13. Deatz

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    I've been in game since May of 2008 and ground away to become a primary owner in two shops, partner in one here on Monria, and a Privateer owner. In real life I am a father, grandfather, brother and independent contractor leased onto a major refrigerated logistics carrier in the United States...
  14. Deatz

    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    Please register Team"Spooky Spartans on Monria" Team Leader: Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
  15. Deatz

    Monria | Elder Gods Revealed | Join Their Fight | Saturday, May 18th

    Please register Spartans on Monria Leader: Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
  16. Deatz

    Who needs a Quad when you can Crane to RT?

    Ran for a bit then got stuck and had to log :flyaway
  17. Deatz

    Who needs a Quad when you can Crane to RT?

    Does this silly stuff happen to anyone else?
  18. Deatz

    Modec VXT 100 (L) - New Player Hunt

    If you have more than a team will allow I may be able to assist by doing a second team....just a thought :shooting2
  19. Deatz

    Monria Beacon Team

    I will participate pending no work obligations :)
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