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  1. Jalia

    DSEC9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    While hunting DSEC TALUS (obviously on DSEC9), I killed one and received the message "Mission updated (How about those Bahris.)". I understand that DSEC TALUS are essentially Dahhar, but why would the Bahri Plushie mission progress? This doesn't seem right. Note that the mission "Kill 100...
  2. Jalia

    Wahesh volume

    Is it possible to turn down the volume of Wahesh? They are so loud that they drown out every other sound. Turning down the system volume doesn't fix the issue, as I still want to hear other sounds.
  3. Jalia

    Toulan Book of Life | Lost Pages Acquired

    Hi Here is the link to the Book of Life Lost Pages that have been acquired in a spreadsheet done by Avum. Is this the only link mapping pages to estates? The most recent page looted was Book of Life Page 103 - Potions. The link lists pages with a suffix of "Potions" as a small shop. The...
  4. Jalia

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    In Nahar City, the Corbite Trading Company teleporter is quite a way from the televator to the shops. Could the existing televator be moved closer? It seems a bit illogical to have the two so far apart. I often like to do a bit of shopping if I'm waiting for a new task and I'd like to increase...
  5. Jalia

    Typo in mission dialogue for Negotiate a Trade Deal

    When talking with Rais for the mission "Negotiate a Trade Deal", there's a typo in his blurb, with a bonus "m", where "dimplomatic" should be "diplomatic". I know it's a small thing, but for me (and I don't think I'm alone), it detracts from this. Love this mission chain and the randomness of...
  6. Jalia

    Monria Interactive Map

    Oh that's a fabulous map! Thank you :toast
  7. Jalia

    Monria Interactive Map

    The link is dead :(
  8. Jalia

    Christmas Crackers aren't dropping

    Christmas Crackers were dropping, but within the past 24 hours, they've stopped. I thought this would be fixed after the maintenance window, but no such luck. My feet are cold :( I need slippers!
  9. Jalia

    Typos in CUHOF Daily Missions broker dialogue

    Thank you and noted for future :) I wasn't sure where else to put it - I'm glad there's a home for these!
  10. Jalia

    Typos in CUHOF Daily Missions broker dialogue

    Mission broker is called "CUHOF Daily Missions", located at CUHOF Caves: [Planet Toulan, 136322, 93284, 263, Waypoint] Hunt 100 Mokhat Cuhof (Daily) dialogue (my highlights on words with issues): "affraid" should be "afraid" "aquire" should be "acquire" "INSERTNAMENawaCore" should be the...
  11. Jalia

    Typo - Ancient Moroccan Texture Blueprint

    Hi - it's actual title is Ancient Moroccan Texure Blueprint, which is missing the second T in Texture. It hurts my eyes :( Please fix.
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