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  1. Zarnia Foxtrot

    DSEC9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    Hi. I"m not sure if this is what the Lotus Invader Bots are supposed to do but some of them, after they were killed, still had the "burn" affecting me for about 25sec. Are they supposed to do that?
  2. Zarnia Foxtrot

    I had a problem collecting the sleigh in Christmas Crackers mission that was easily resolved..

    Hi. For those who don't know, there is a 3 fold mission with the NPC Valeria just outside the DSEC-9 tp with Christmas Crackers.. 500 Christmas crackers get a turkey mask, 800 Christmas crackers get a Christmas tree and then 1200 Christmas crackers get you the Christmas sleigh. Well, I didn't...
  3. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Hi Heidi. I was using a DSEC-30 maxed. I have gone down as far as 1200m with it in different places other than Toulan. The range on Toulan seems to range from 500m-850m mostly with no additional amps added to this finder. DSEC-30's are preamped already. Im a lvl 40 miner so I had 4-5 other...
  4. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    I was only there for 2 days and traveled all the different areas and got all the tp's too but I would say to maybe have a rebalancing of the ores and ematters being mined. I got lysterium ( which would be great for Heidi :thumbsup) for about 75% of the ores I found. I didn't try ematters at...
  5. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Happy St Pat's Day everyone. My guess is 2450. GL all :)
  6. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Monria Official Discord Server

    Not sure what I did but I do have a Discord Account but when i tried to verify my account with you, it says I already have an account though I didn't do anything to verify it. So, what am I doing wrong?
  7. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Beny. Welcome to Monria..:)
  8. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

    I like donkeys though...they are stubborn like me..:).. I like the use of the tp between Caly and Monria . I just know that when we have events and there is a lot of lag, it is often due to events on Caly at the same time as our Monria events and it taxes the servers too much and interferes with...
  9. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

    So, here is the question. If MA in the nature of a "Christmas Spirit" could do something for free for Monria, What would you ask for on behalf of Monria for Christmas? I am playing devil's advocate namely because MA DID NOT prompt me to post this post (which I may get spanked for doing by DME...
  10. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Server Downtime for Release

    lol.. I can relate Terpsy. I don't have hundreds of dollars to play entropia..just a regular small budget. I have found that whenever MA does their larger scale updates/ computer at the time usually has problems with playing EU from that time forward. This has become a regular...
  11. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Server Downtime for Release

    However, when I checked the Caly forum, I did find a post that seems to be a common problem now with players not being able to sign in to the game. I know my computer has been giving me this same error mentions in the copy/paste of this post from the Caly forum and I will be implementing the...
  12. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Server Downtime for Release

    OK. I had to recheck the post on the Caly forum and you're right Malgar. Windows 7 is the windows platform that came after Windows XP. I jumped the gun on what they said about "older systems" since from what I read, they would at some point after probably drop Windows 7 for the same reason as...
  13. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Server Downtime for Release

    I know you have to have a computer with at least 8GB Memory and MA said in the forum a while ago that Windows 7 would no longer be compatiable with EU because it allowed access of too many viruses ( so they said). So if you getting a new computer, just kept those 2 things in mind. :)
  14. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Monria Quarterly | December 2019 | Launch Issue

    Great work. It took me 2 cups of coffee and finishing breakfast to read through it all but it was worth it. lol. It was well written with considerable depth and understanding of the history of Monria from Ant's purchase of Monria onwards. It helps to better understand what has happened in the...
  15. Zarnia Foxtrot

    Server Downtime for Release

    With updates, I usually have to reenter the launcher screen several times. This time, it took me a half hour to finally get in. You may just need to relog into the launcher screen several times before you can get the green light to go into the sign on for EU. Worked for me.. after a half hour...
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