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  1. FireDbugFly

    VU 24.1 | Return of the Elder Tributes

    A Welcome Addition, a Sweat Circle. Good Choice on the use of a Tower to elevate the Healing Orb
  2. FireDbugFly

    Healing Orb - Toulan West Gate

    Cooldown Idea might do the trick.
  3. FireDbugFly

    Healing Orb - Toulan West Gate

    East Gate. Pardon my lack of directions. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Alternative Suggestion Positioning the Healing Bubble between the Mosh Pit and the Quaffaz Spawn - Out of direct range of the spawn so mobs are not unnecessarily turreted. Its usually very very light spawning...
  4. FireDbugFly

    Healing Orb - Toulan West Gate

    Issue: The healing orb implemented at the guardian village juvi spawn is poorly placed. Exploit: The exploit of the healing location prevents player from dying. I will see "players" standing Inside the bubble and sweating mobs. They are unable to die without a lot of effort to drag a large...
  5. FireDbugFly

    Disable 2022

  6. FireDbugFly

    Disable 2022

    Feedback about mission that should be disabled. Toulan Mission 2022 can be started but the mission cannot be completed as it was seasonal for 2022 and tied to Crackers Dropping. ~Dbug
  7. FireDbugFly

    Sunjoq Spawns Density

    Some quick Feedback, the only remaining sunjoq spawn at Snow Mountain need a density increase as they are the only spawn on Toulan now. The citadel spawn would have been nice as a alternate but seems they are completely removed. Still not a fan of the maturity outside of the CUHOF Caves where...
  8. FireDbugFly

    Harvester Gear

    While staring into the Trees on long Harvesting Runs these thoughts occurred for the future. Shub Spines are great for the extra 20KG carry weight. But even with this I find myself still relying heavily on having to spawn vehicles to drop carry weight while harvesting. I was thinking that...
  9. FireDbugFly

    Lea's Feedback 3.0 - Instance only for High lvls & Ubers / Acorn Economy / Tabtabs Kingdome with npc's, and more \o/

    Lea, I really enjoyed this look into Toulan from your perspective. You put some serious thought into it and made some very valid points regarding Harvesting. Acorns - Yes Please! ~Dbug
  10. FireDbugFly

    VU 23.2.1 | Patch

    Fixed Spelling issues in Mission dialogues The Sunjoq are very happy with this change
  11. FireDbugFly

    "The Woodcutters Helper" Khalil - Mission Chain Bug when turning in mission.

    Issue: If you do not have the require materials on you when speaking with Khalil on Event Area the First time the NPC does not respond once you have the needed materials on you. A relog is required to bring up the materials turn in window. Additionally, as DSEC is technically Toulan the turn...
  12. FireDbugFly

    VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

    Sunjoc .... though pronounced similar I also got quite a odd irritation by this typo. Bring on the Sunjoc Picard!
  13. FireDbugFly

    VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

    Thank you very much for adding this. A welcome addition to my Khaffash Hunting Added A Trade Terminal and Repair Terminal at the Narian Temple
  14. FireDbugFly

    Toulan Citizenship Mission

    Great Additions, Thank you Axe
  15. FireDbugFly

    Loss of Mining Claim inside Arrival Teleporter Building

    Root issue: Claims Spawn Inside the Building but upon entering the building the claim disappears from Radar and visibility. Summoning the Claim inside the building is possible from Floor 0 and Floor 1 which does relocate the claim back to the point of origination. Resummoning the Claim is not...
  16. FireDbugFly

    Leaving a vehicle at Lotus TP puts your avatar underground

    Still happening, exit vehicle drops you under the temple floor. This was also specifically in a Sleiph also.
  17. FireDbugFly

    VU 23.1 | Where have all the Khaffash gone??

    Very nice updates. I cant wait to go explore what this old man has to say and that the Queens Appreciation Continues
  18. FireDbugFly

    The Order of the Elder Gods Suit (M) + [Ascension Helmet (M) Visual Display Issue

    Oh yes, there are quite a few that work well with it. This one though, i'm really not sure if its the armor that's causing the display issue or the suit. In either case, let's file this as a Display Bug and hoping it gets a little love and attention.
  19. FireDbugFly

    The Order of the Elder Gods Suit (M) + [Ascension Helmet (M) Visual Display Issue

    Not sure if it's VirtualSense or Next Island or VS here. The Ascension Armor and the Order of the Elder Gods Suit do not mesh well at all. The helm sticks out from the face portion in several places (which it really bothersome when staring at it for hours). Either lose my run speed or lose my...
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