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  1. Deynora

    TT Hunt

    Great idea. I might go out of town next week-end. But if anything changes, i`d be happy to be there.
  2. Deynora

    Happy Birthday | " StarDrifter "

    OMG!!! Happy 25`th Birthday D!!! See you ingame :)
  3. Deynora

    Monria Event | Shogg & Yog Want Independence

    Hey there, Btw, my highest loot in a team so far was on a L3 broodmother... 358 peds.. As to how to make it fair for everyone? They did that by offering prices for lowest global (which can be obtained on a L2 shoggoth). First guys to have events conducted in this manner, where they help the...
  4. Deynora

    Hello folks.

    Finally we found you! NYR he is ok.. worry no more! :) Welcome to the forums and welcome in the game. If you need anything give a shout and someone will help :)
  5. Deynora


    Hey there :) Welcome to Monria!
  6. Deynora

    The Monria Death Squad

    Hope to catch you in game more often :) Havent seen you much lately..
  7. Deynora

    DME out for the day

    Im sorry to hear that Ant, and please give her my best and hope to see her back soon! Cheers.
  8. Deynora

    The Monria Death Squad

    I will certainly advertise it and suggest the MNAT classes.
  9. Deynora

    Hi everyone

    Im flattered :) thanks for the kind words :)
  10. Deynora

    The Monria Death Squad

    Hello everyone, I have given this a lot of thought and so far this is what I came up with: There are a few events going on at the moment designed to help new players and the community as well. What I am suggesting, is pretty simple in fact. Lets have during the week-ends, organized hunting...
  11. Deynora

    Decided to Finally Say HI! officially

    Hi Jo. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you on Monria soon
  12. Deynora

    Drifter's & AHR's Team hunt - Sundays 9am to Noon GMT

    lol.. Now im ashamed. I didnt even bother to look. This is what i was talking abooout!! Lets do this every weekend :)) it was really fun.. Im sorry for being a blind bat and not looking for this first before posting. Ill ping you in game to set a plan for this :)
  13. Deynora

    A little suggestion..

    Thank you guys for your appreciation. If you have any ideas on how to conduct the services please do share. What i am thinking is pretty dependant on the weekend since I have a lot of work during week days and this is all the time i have in order to relax a little bit.
  14. Deynora

    A little suggestion..

    That does sound fun indeed. I will wait a little bit to gather more preferences from the guys and as soon as we have a well established plan I will go ahead and open the thread :)
  15. Deynora

    A little suggestion..

    Hi guys, I would like first of all to apologize to Drifter as I havent had a chance to even ask what he feels about it. It just poped into my mind and im a bit impulsive (I just got excited). Last Sunday, out of boredom more than anything, me and a couple of Monrians, amongst which Drifter...
  16. Deynora


    Hey Demon, Welcome to the game/forum/moon :). I agree with Max and the guys that posted previously. A mentor can save you a lot of peds thrown out the window.
  17. Deynora

    Hi everyone

    I have been here for a few months already, its true :$ And it is long overdue.. but hey, you guys kept me busy in game :)) Thank you for welcoming me :)
  18. Deynora

    Hi everyone

    I have been around for a while and had a chance to interact with most of you guys, which was really nice. Even though I dont really go on forums all that much, I decided it would be a good time (late as it is anyway) to introduce myself a little bit for the folks out there: So, here goes...
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