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    Further Mission Requirements For The Crossover Chain.

    Rais II is tough. Those dmg 16GB flashdrives are hard to come by... I hope to be ready with Rais II this month.
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    Walking with the Sabad (no gadget) for DECII Qaz Worm

    Thanks for this info. I am just looking for Qaz. Will use TT finder now. I think I found one with the big finder though, but I am not sure anymore.
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    Flizan Fliz Fliezan Request to be added to the guest list of Yamato. Paying customer. (husband Shoe has shoutbox)
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    Shopkeeper Inventory List

    I am soon ready to refill my shopkeeper (havent played for long). Is Genesis sparkbite E.L.M. (L) of any interest? Lvl 60 longblade. Was planning of putting some of these for sale, and other old E.L.M.s. Soon = within 1 month..
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    We have a --> | Shoutbox

    shout box?
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    Shopkeeper Inventory List

    SHOPKEEPER INVENTORY LIST * ArMatrix LR-20 (L) * 53.19 ped, level 20, dps 39.2, efficiency 63.2% * Isis Project Zero-Three, E.L.M Edition (L) * 39.92 ped, level 20, dps 40.8, efficiency 55.9% * Qty 2 * Welding Wire * TT 30.00 PED, MV 134.13% * 300k * ArMatrix LB-10 (L) * TT 24.96 PED, MV...
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    Monria Team 1 Yr Anniversary | Week-Long Celebration Event

    Thanks for great event. I love my apartment!
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    Monria Team 1 Yr Anniversary | 24 Hr Hunting Results | Winners

    Thanks for great event. We had a 222 PED shub too, but it was a tad too late... Nice to see that the rules were clear about that :)
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    Monria's St Patrick's Day Event | Team Hunting Registration

    Team name: "Ye Olde Reservoir Dogs on Monria" Team Captain: Amroth Roth Delvare Team Member: Skoker Shoe Sverpan Team Member: Flizan Fliz Fliezan Team Member: Tungur Grizzly Knivur Team Member: Huldra Tudde Kaiber Team Member: Fama Sessan Fernz
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