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    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    Took me 5k kills on the bigger ones in the cave to drop a chapter, then I got another after 100 kills. Maybe you'd have better luck with big ones. Also, I have a bunch of chapter 3 from all the cultist I've done (I'm on my 2nd repeat of the 10k kills mission atm). I would have said they drop...
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    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    cut = 33 stab = 16 imp = 11 pen=10 shrapnel = 10 (shub don't do shrapnel) And the 6b adds 5 impact & 12 elec. Also I use defence enhancers, armour is tier 2,3 or 4.
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    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    Did some more testing today. It appears that L40 and under don't do elec, but L43+ do elec. Paradox+6b was taking up to 50 dam from a L40 but only up to 6dam from a L43 :)
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    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    I just did some testing after noticing something unusual in the cave and can confirm they do elec damage too. Not sure on distribution so I just moved some numbers around. I'm pretty sure that 35% impact is wrong, I'm using paradox+pulsar 2 and it's very effective even with only 11 impact...
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    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    New armour, cool :) So it's looted from mobs... or maybe it's crafted... no, you find it while mining. Damn, what the hell I need to do to get this armour? lol
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