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    Fat Mokhat

    Very nice...Big GzzZzZz to you :thumbsup
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    Hahahah that picture.... and AWESOME work there with this update...ty all :-))
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    DSEC9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Will update here with any changes but for now as other problably mentioned...the whole codex chart is linked with the toulan one dsec bot cb-03 +cb09 ( guess htat goes from all maturities) --> adds up to the caboria codex challenge dsec Thalus -> adds to dahar codex
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    10k Mission missing after update

    ye..the usual chain of 10k missions do stay...the repeat ones are gone since the codex came (if its intended idea....we also will see it on ark etc then too)
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    Monria | Codex Rank Rewards

    Very nice Job..ty all
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    VU 21.1.1 | Patch

    ty for your effort :-))
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    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Hello :)) My Guess : 1770 globals Team also : Monria Hunters Team Leader: Edward MrEddie James Thank you
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    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    Please register Team : " Monria Hunters" Teamleader : Edward MrEddie James Global Guess : 922
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    Leshrac's Cult of the Skull Mask

    the Mask looks awesome :-))
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    Please add me too : Edward MrEddie James (for the field trips) Thank you :-))
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    Only forwarding the idea of daily whips

    Moongal had this idea the past days....and i LOVE it... i also use daily token guns once in a time...but now with the daily token missions and Npc´s on monria it would be like an enhancement if there aslo would be whips there to "purchase" Monria has some great taming mobs and also now a...
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    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    Hello, Please register : Monria Travellers Teamleader : Edward MrEddie James Global Count Guess : 1117
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    Monria Event | Annual Valentine's Human Sacrifice | Sat - Feb 16th

    Hello ...please register: Team : Monria Travellers Leader : Edward MrEddie James.. Globalcount during event : 570 Thx Eddie :jumpclap
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    Monria Team 3 Yr Anniversary Event | Come Celebrate With Us

    Hello all, my guess is 735 !! Also pls register: "Monria Hunters" Teamleader: Edward MrEddie James
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    OMG ... I found the coat I wanted to go with the Rutuba

    Awesome looking and fits very good to the armor.....GZ for your new coat...:-)
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    Monria's Dagon 12 Hr Yog Event | Saturday, July 14th

    575 globals is my guess this time :-)
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    MindStar9 | 81K+ Crafting ATH 10 yrs Ago | DME's Original Avatar

    very nice...good going....fine to see some pictures of the "good old times"
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    Calypso Beacon Fun | During Monria's Calypso Field Trip Weekend

    loved the beacons...but would be interesting which one you wanna do? if its a 23 + one....with a full team (even not high/gear/skills) absolutely doable... Dunno if they have fixed the broken maturity upscaling in neomex cave (this would be my favorite sugesstion) also depending on team size...
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