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  1. New York Rose

    Angel's event - Live Stream Giveaway

    Sounds like a great event!! I'd love to check that out for sure! :ecstatic
  2. New York Rose

    Monria VU 1.0 - What do you call a diseased Irish criminal?

    Oh How exciting! Great artwork for pet too! I love the boxing idea and new gloves! WOOT!
  3. New York Rose

    Guilty Pleasures

    Ohh Just Dance!!!
  4. New York Rose

    new to the game.....

    Oh Hello! Welcome..welcome! :cheers2
  5. New York Rose

    Happy Birthday | " Raine "

    Happy Birthday Raine!! You and Rosa better go get those birthday swirlies!! :ecstatic
  6. New York Rose

    Happy Birthday | " Red "

    Happy Birthday Red!! :groupdance
  7. New York Rose

    Drifter's Den - Gallery & Lounge

    I the pictures! Drifter you have quite the pad! :cheers2
  8. New York Rose

    Event | Monria's Round Robin Tournament

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants ( I gave it a shot and did pretty good myself. ) Great fun! :ecstatic
  9. New York Rose

    Event | Monria's Round Robin Tournament

    Whooo Hooo!! I made it then! See you guys there! :ecstatic:groupdance:bronco
  10. New York Rose

    Perseverance is Stubborness with a Purpose | Update 7

    That is fantastic! Great job DME! :clap
  11. New York Rose

    Video | Noz's TT Weapon Hunt

    Great video!!!! I am sorry I missed that event. :( Looks like you guys had a blast! :bronco:ecstatic:groupdance
  12. New York Rose

    Apartment Hunting

    Good Luck on apartment hunting! Welcome..Welcome! :ecstatic
  13. New York Rose

    Why is it coming out wrong?

    Thank You so much for help,both of you! I tried to change the settings on my Fraps but since it was the 'free' version it wouldn't allow me to do it. I will clean that out and put all the contents in a folder,then do a uninstall/reinstall as I think it is just such an old version (4 years) is...
  14. New York Rose

    Finally got one

    Big Gratz!! :ecstatic
  15. New York Rose

    Why is it coming out wrong?

    Hello, I have a question about saving pictures out of Fraps. When I save it from Fraps it comes out normal size but a BMP photo,then I take it to the Windows paint program to convert it to JPEG and it comes out like a tiny thumbnail(See example). Where is settings in Windows Paint program to...
  16. New York Rose

    Bird Psycology 101

    Ohhh Sluggo.I seen this today and loved it so!
  17. New York Rose

    Guilty Pleasures

    I have been watching the Olympics and seen this song on one of the commercials.I just love Rhianna!
  18. New York Rose

    Cthulhu's Revenge | "Element of Surprise" | Event

    I love those photos and Fortuna is amazing with the GIF's. Looks like everyone had a absolute blast! :ecstatic:pillowfight:bronco:groupdance
  19. New York Rose

    Hello :)

    Hello there..Welcome!
  20. New York Rose

    Happy Birthday | " StarDrifter "

    Happy Birthday Drifter!!! :groupdance
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