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    DSEC-9 Mobs Project

    I tested the mobs with single dam plates and got the following: TALUS: Acid Elec FURY: Cold Elec OTIS: Burn Acid Shrapnel Impact It's possible otis have 2 attacks (range and close) but didn't test enough to check that.
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    Simon's Working Parts Deal turn-in discrepancy.

    I went back to simon without refining and everytime I pressed the 'X' to close window so I could refine the window kept popping up. Even after a relog the chat interaction was still active . Please set 'X' to close the chat interaction and not just move on to the next phase of interaction
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    Simon's Working Parts Deal

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    DSEC9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    I hate mobs that stand 20m away and attack you, if you could do something about that it would be great.
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    Simon's Working Parts Deal

    where do u get this mission from?
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    DSEC9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    I walked around the area a lot, guess i'll have to try some jumping. I get that some people like storylines, but others just want to get on with things- so thanks for looking into the possibilty of skipping these kinds of things. BTW: I tried to reset my password but no email came though (i...
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    DSEC9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    I just did the mission to fix the otis mob now it says go to hangar but when i get there nothing happens and i can't see anything to interact with - am I being stupid or is this a bug? btw: what's the point in having me fly from a to b for an hour when all I want to do is spend ped, it's a...
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