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  1. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Mohkat Jelly

    You can use Jelly Baby texture. Buy Jelly and craft. the Near Success will sometimes return Jelly which qualifies for progress. Same for Adrenal Oil via crafting conductors.
  2. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Healing Orb - Toulan West Gate

    Alternatively, the heal effect and even a mild evade buff could come from the "Warming Campfire" in the center of Guardian Village which would benefit all within some radius. Perhaps add a second bubble inside Guardian Village, and we have Portal-Bubbles for entry and exit during "difficult" times.
  3. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Reinforced Butt Joint Blueprint

    Drops: [Modern Floor Lamp Blueprint (L)] [Perfume Set Blueprint (L)] [Ornate Chest Blueprint]
  4. Soloman @Black Mesa

    A Path For Toulan Ores & Enmatter..

    Updated Mining Chart with Sherwood's updates
  5. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Mismar Blueprint

    Drops: [Batik Texture Blueprint (L)] [Mokhat Texture Blueprint] [Ibreh Blueprint] [Skulls Texture Blueprint] [Jeef Zajer Texture Blueprint]
  6. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Nahar Towers Televators

    Still issues with Televators to floor 8 giving random destination on floor 5 and 6 either on top of shops and inside shops or stuck on a booth, rubberbanding on floor 7 still there. Note: can spawn Skyripper vehicle inside.
  7. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Toulan Book of Life | Lost Pages Acquired

    [Book of Life Page 52 - Nawa Transfiguration] looted today. Apartment F (M) Floor 5
  8. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    Updated Run Counter for new UI
  9. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    grrrr.. new UI.... 18 fail per page....editing
  10. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    All set again, Please let me know if you find an issue, THX!!!! Edited Post above with new image and files. Same password. I can't think of anything else I need on my calculator, so this is probably it for now. If you think of something, speak up !!
  11. Soloman @Black Mesa

    First steps

    With plenty of time and lots of effort (plan A), you can gather sweat (and defensive skills), fruit, dung and stones and then sell them to other players. Some planets have (plan B) PVP Oil Rigs that spawn unrefined oil barrels you can collect and sell. Continue to do some combination of these...
  12. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    Thats Right , here we go!! :boxing4Sliced and diced, reassembled and enhanced...
  13. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    3.0 coming up, noted errors with user added residue in 2.5 related to MOD(x,y), combined residue and shrap as a ttvalue Planning to include actual return to compare with predictions.
  14. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    Version 2.5.1 adds: Visual Adjustments to reduce eye strain. Adjustments for slider boosting. Near success variance. Crafting Run Calculator with visual output. Near success values adjust in Scenarios where applicable. Same as before.. all feedback is welcome, Thanks, Soloman Big Guns, got...
  15. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    Thank you Heidi, see if this helps It just feels like it's missing something :snapoutofit, Near Success!
  16. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    Hi Heidi, The minimum "Success" always equals the TT value of the input materials excluding residue. Success divided by the TT value of the "individual" product will show you the count per successful attempt. "Item TT" on the table also equals "Success" until you start to "Use Residue". That...
  17. Soloman @Black Mesa

    Black Mesa | Crafting Calculators

    At it Again, We have an update for CraftCalc to version 2.1 with some nice enhancements. Within the compressed folder there are two files. One is an ots template file designed for OpenOffice 4.15.15. The other is an ods export of the same file which can be imported into Office 365 online...
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