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  1. OberonNightSeer

    The Monria Team Moon Baby Shows Off His Monria Shirt

    Another Monrian new born....YES!!! (and very cute!) -Obie- :wizard:wizard:wizard
  2. OberonNightSeer

    Monria Event | Thwarting Maladrite Elixir Invasion | Sat - Jan 19th

    Yes! First guesser! .... and my guess is ... 501 -Obie- :wizard:wizard:wizard
  3. OberonNightSeer

    Obie's Suggie Pics

    Pics of my babies... -Obie- :wizard:wizard:wizard
  4. OberonNightSeer

    Happy Birthday to Monria's Awesome Ninja Wizard

    Happy B-Day to me!!! I now know why they are called HORRORS! -Obie- :wizard:wizard:wizard
  5. OberonNightSeer

    Happy Birthday to Monria's Awesome Ninja Wizard

    Has anyone seen my hat? I swore I left it around here somewheres... -Obie- :wizard:wizard:wizard
  6. OberonNightSeer

    Monria Team 3 Yr Anniversary Event | Come Celebrate With Us

    I'll guess a cool 425... :wizard:wizard:wizard
  7. OberonNightSeer

    How to get out of DSEC Forensics revival trap

    Thanks to avatar ME, there is a way to escape, and it should work for everyone. 1. Change your Graphics Setting to Safe mode 2. If in Safe Mode already, change to the highest resolution you can Try to move once the change is made. If you still can't move, let us know here. Thanks, Obie...
  8. OberonNightSeer

    Avatar minimum level needed to tame Monria pets

    My level 17 took a Gold after 24 hours and multiple tame fails. Whites for me take 4-7 hours depends on # of fails Blues take 5-7 whips and they are done. Yog Hatchlings take about 20-30 minutes Good whips and technique reduce the time it takes to tame. -Obie- :ninja2:wizard:ninja2
  9. OberonNightSeer

    Obie White Lep HOF --- BAYBEEE!

    29 Blue leps later --- Tamed me a White Lep! -O- :ninja2:ninja2:ninja2
  10. OberonNightSeer

    Monria | New Game Show | "Will DME Break Gunner's PED Card"

    Had fun with the first Game, missed the 2nd. Gratz to all the winners! *place game show music here* -Obie- :ninja2:ninja2:ninja2
  11. OberonNightSeer

    Monria | Spear Aerial Ballet Over Water | Malgar & Shadow

    Hey, I wanna say perfect music too!!! _Best_ video I've seen of us 'normal' moonies having fun! FUN FUN! :ninja2:flyaway:ninja2
  12. OberonNightSeer

    MoonTron | Oberon & moneyme's Transformer mob | We need this !!!

    Stay tuned Moonies...more to come. :ninja2:flyaway:ninja2
  13. OberonNightSeer

    Happy Birthday | " Anhithe "

    Happy B-day Ant! -Obie- :ninja:wizard:ninja2
  14. OberonNightSeer

    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yog Valentine Distraction

    999.5 I'll be there! :wizard:ninja2:ninja
  15. OberonNightSeer

    Monria | Esoteric Order of Dagon Summons Evil with Cultist Chaos

    This 15th Day before the Kalends should be awesome. Hope to see everyone there! -Obie- :ninja:ninja:ninja
  16. OberonNightSeer

    The bizarre house at the end of my road.....

    I usually try to keep a low profile... But Halloween brings out the inner me. Awesome pics Kendra! TY TY! -Obie- :ninja:ninja:ninja
  17. OberonNightSeer

    Happy Birthday DME

    BABE! I'll be there to rescue you! Oops. Happy B-Day! -O- :ninja:(:ninja
  18. OberonNightSeer

    Monria | Mysterious Black Box

    Along the path I met a man named SAM, and he said this to me: "The cube ... it is filled with bestial watchmen, trammeling the extremities and the interstices of the timeless city, portents fallen, constellated deities plummeting in ash and smoke, roaming the apocryphal cities, the cities of...
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