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  1. E8ty2nd

    new to the game.....

    Welcome to Monria Lirrick! you are going to love the community here...Nuff said
  2. E8ty2nd

    Happy Birthday | " Raine "

    Happy Happy Birthday man!
  3. E8ty2nd

    Monria Round Robin | Wednesday Cultist Trials | AKA - The Noz Event

    Damn Noz...did you leave any globals on the moon? ;) Great job man! Gratz to all the winners!!
  4. E8ty2nd

    Apartment Hunting

    Welcome to Monria Red :)
  5. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    A HUGE! thank you goes out to StarDrifter for his donations to the Monria Donation Center!
  6. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Another great donation to the Monria Donation Center provided by PrincessZarina. PrincessZarina Donated some very nice items and items which are going to be TT food. 100% of the TT value is being applied to the PED prize pool... Huge thanx to PrincessZarina!
  7. E8ty2nd

    A Glass Half Full | Update 5

    I wouldn't want to be any other place. Great job guys.
  8. E8ty2nd

    The Deep Dark Abyss is Rumbling

    And I am driving this morning....blahhhh. I hope I am back in time to catch some of it. Good luck to everyone!
  9. E8ty2nd

    Drifter's Den - Gallery & Lounge

    Looks like it was a blast. Sorry I missed it :(
  10. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Thanx for the correction Drifter :) And thank you for your donations!
  11. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Information update *Bump*
  12. E8ty2nd

    TT Hunt

    Looks fun Noz. I will do my best to be there :)
  13. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Mora from Virtual Legends has donated a few armor pieces...Thank you for the support Mora!
  14. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Just received a large donation on weapons, faps and pets from @Dark Moon Enigma. Thank you for your support DME!
  15. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    That's great DME! I will be on for the next 3 hours, then headed to work.
  16. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    A Huge thanx to Roj from Knights of Entropia for donating some great items as well as providing the 1st donations. Thank you Roj!
  17. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Monria Donation Center For the Ava from the Ava What is the Monria Donation Center? The Monria Donation Center is one dedicated location where anyone can donate any item(s) they wish for others. Where is the Monria Donation Center located? The donation center is located on the 9th floor of...
  18. E8ty2nd

    Win a Compet Deed!

    Thanx @sluggo It was fun
  19. E8ty2nd

    Win a Compet Deed!

    It was great standing next to TP 1 and seeing bodies pop into the cave
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