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  1. Fade

    Trade your Male Malgar Helmet (L) for my Female

    As it says in the title. In game as Caldonicus Fade Lore
  2. Fade

    Lost chapter 1 & 4

    I got 2 chapter 4s from shubs. My guess, if you want chapter 1, is to hunt those big, weak, ugly things in main crater, and cave 1.
  3. Fade

    Monria VU List December 10

    Intriguing. The portable trade and repair tools have been something I, and probably others have wished for, for a long time. Should we expect the bps for these to drop from crafting Monria tools? The Non-Western characters appearing strange has me wondering. Is there a move to allow and...
  4. Fade

    Hof/Global spam, 3 Tantos, esi, skull

    You were hitting some nice ones yourself WangXiang. Sorry the big one wasn't yours this time.
  5. Fade

    Hof/Global spam, 3 Tantos, esi, skull

    Was almost broke (not counting storage mats) after losing my shirt in a few days of hunting/mining on Monria. So I scraped together 40 ped for a quick little hunting run before I went to bed. Then I had about a 255 global with a Tanto in it. Really nice sword. Fast, and my skills gains were...
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