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  1. mato

    Flying on Toulan

    also sometimes there is bug in the Citadel portal when u walk its like bring u back 1-2 step`s :)
  2. mato

    Flying on Toulan

    [Planet Toulan, 131741, 95441, 120, Waypoint] in this position i was trying to sweat Mokhat Young and i was start flying until i disarm my sweat gatherer tool good luck o/
  3. mato

    Toulan Monthly Event | Dec 17 - 19 | Toulan Citizenship Now Available

    some progress for my citizenship \o/
  4. mato

    Guide to CUHOF instances

    very nice info Eleni the best "part" its the cost explained :)
  5. mato

    Monria Event | Decca Conspires with K'Tan Partathus

    :boxing2 good luck all :)
  6. entropia caboria.png

    entropia caboria.png

  7. mato

    Juvenile TT hunt with a twist

    nice job Kinkie :) \o/ im coming!
  8. mato

    Accessing Card Instances | Qaydar / Baydar / Shamsdar

    this is so complicated to see nice work :) i hope i will do some progress !
  9. mato

    Toulan Monthly Weekend-Long Event | Fri, Apr 23rd - Sun, Apr 25th

    The Toulan community and allies must unite once again to defeat shared loot mobs and protect the planet lol nice :) gl all !
  10. mato

    Firepower For Sweat initiative

    woooooooooooo :P
  11. mato

    Monria Event | Shubs Have New Valentines Agenda | Sat, Feb 13th

    Shadowhazard on Monria Team Leader: xx Juznastrana xx
  12. mato

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    Goran Mato Matovski full avatar name and Paying customer
  13. mato

    Monria Event | Shubs Have New Valentines Agenda | Sat, Feb 13th

    always something nice ...hope i will win something :)
  14. mato

    Journey Through Monria

    wooooooo :) nice pictures!
  15. mato


    hey hey :) i was google yog tusk :) so i found this post i hope Sith Meister will buy that :) cheers!
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