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  1. Puja

    The woodcutter's helper Quest

    Heya I found a little bug whit this quest, if you are crafting whit sweat and get near successes and get some sweat back this counts as your are gathering sweat towards this quest.
  2. Puja

    Happy Holidays from the Virtualsense Team

    Merry christmas&happy new year everyone :)
  3. Puja

    Entropia Universe AMA 2020 Video Responses

    Woohoo :) I'am happy that they are putting in some effort in having a relation whit the playerbase again its been neglected for a long time IMO, I even saw that My thire CRM was interacting in some of the twitch streams also :)
  4. Puja

    Event weekend Feedback

    I had a great time :) I felt like the start of the event was abit short and even abit to easy for the amount of players that was there, I would love to see a longer intro and maybe even some badass boss at the end event, more badass then there was ;) It was a great stresstest also and there...
  5. Puja

    Event duhol

    Ya they totaly broke down in loot and dropped almost only oils and paints for the rest of the event.
  6. Puja

    Furniture blueprints not available

    Hey I have gotten one of those, not sure from what but I've mostly crafted simple 1-2 springs, leather texture and roaring texture. Feel free to pm me ingame and you can trade it for some BP you dont use or somthing I prolly wont use it anyway.
  7. Puja

    CUHOF 1 runs tracked return

    Hi Levi I dont see how I wouldnt be able to sell for that markup, I've seen in chat that many feel like the markup should be less but this is the fact: In the last 30 days 317 PEDS of mirsal has been sold at the average markup of 1610% I used 1100% in the calcs because that is more in line...
  8. Puja

    CUHOF 1 runs tracked return

    The ped/ammo is after repairs are done and its what I have left when the run is done. I have not tried to calculate a average revenue return on the instance since doing so on 15 runs is pretty much just gonna give you a incorect value, also doing so whit 60 isnt really saying much either you...
  9. Puja

    CUHOF 1 runs tracked return

    Ya maybe it was somthing that was being worked on but never got finished but they implemented the message but not the actual loot it was supposed to have.
  10. Puja

    CUHOF 1 runs tracked return

    I saw that there was some discussions about the instances so I figured I would track a couple of runs. I've bunched them up in 3 sets of 5 runs ;) I did all of my runs whit a ghost set using a Mayhem LR-20 Unamped runs 70,4% efficiency Starting PED&Ammo Loot not sold(shrap...
  11. Puja


    Awesome grats :)
  12. Puja

    codex ui

    I've got a ticket going whit support about the mayhem mobs, they claim that you should hafto go to calypso to be able to get the rewards, howerver that dosent seem to be the case since i traveled back to Cally and I have gotten the progress on the merry mob but I cant claim the rewards. But its...
  13. Puja

    VU 20.4 | By Royal Decree

    Awesome I'am omw there! :)
  14. Puja

    Hello ^_^

    I just signed up so I figured I should make a post here :) Returning oldish player thats spends most of my time in mayhem when thats going on. Been around on the moon for a while and grown myself a pair of horns, I think its somthing in the water. Always trying to participate in the events and...
  15. Puja

    Shoggoth Loot?

    I looted somthing really wierd when I was hunting Shoggoths last night, it was a pair of Martial Foot Guards. Are those really part of the shoggoths lootpool? It was part of the loot of this global: Horridium The Grim 65 PED Fri, 27 Nov 2020 01:08:14
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