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  1. Gunner

    Want to buy small Toulan shop or booth

    Looking for a *reasonably* priced shop or booth on Toulan. contact me in-game Tomac Gunner Wayman
  2. Gunner

    Nawa Temple Weird Bug

    I can only speak from my personal experiences. The only place on Toulan that I have had it happen is in the Temple. I am not saying it doesn't happen at other locations or on other planets, but I personally haven't experienced it. However, it happens frequently enough in the Temple to be a...
  3. Gunner

    Khaffash | Mob Levels / HP / Loot / Other Data

    I can confirm that [Zohoor Tincture] drops as loot from the Khaffash, and should be added to the above loot list.
  4. Gunner

    Nawa Temple Weird Bug

    I have spent a couple of hours each day for the past 2 days in the Temple, and can confirm that this is still a problem. On six separate occasions I had a khaffash that I was fighting just disappear during the battle. It is kind of a big deal since the player loses weapon decay and ammo costs...
  5. Gunner

    Mining around Toulan

    Very nice. I can confirm that Sandy Shores West also has Redulite. I have also found it in the mid and south western part of Citadel.
  6. Gunner

    Virtualsense Event | Monria / Toulan Development Team Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

    The event date is also Hrothgar's birthday. Everyone wish him Happy Birthday!
  7. Gunner

    Can't move in game

    I am having issues logging in to the game, and when I can, my avatar isn't able to move without rubber bandings. MA says they are working on it, but no estimate as to when it will be fixed. In case anyone else is experiencing this, I wanted to pass on the following information. Here is the...
  8. Gunner

    Yamato Warp Services Will Resume on Friday, Nov 13th

    Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate it.
  9. Gunner

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    I seem to use a similar set up to you. My hunter abilities are almost exclusively Mind Force, although I also use short blades as a backup method of attack if I run out of ammo. It would be very nice indeed to have a daily MF mission (or several). Regarding MF drops, I don't know if MA would...
  10. Gunner

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    I know this isn't Toulan specific, but there is a mentor program that exists in-game. If you haven't already gotten one, I highly suggest you get a mentor. Mentors are supposed to be there to help with getting you started, answering questions, and help you cut through some of the frustration...
  11. Gunner

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Ok, here is one of my suggestions/wishes for Toulan: Please put a daily taming mission on Toulan. This would make VirtualSense's properties (Monria and Toulan) the only two places in the Entropia Universe that have a daily taming mission. As suggested by Captdew elsewhere in this thread, a...
  12. Gunner

    Toulan Mobs | Collecting Complete Information

    Dahhar Shrapnel Animal Oil Residue Animal Muscle Oil Dahhar Skin Dahhar Hide Socket 1 Component Tier 1 Component Animal Hide Soft Hide Thin Wool Wool Jeef Zajer Shrapnel Animal Oil Residue Animal Muscle Oil Animal Adrenal Oil Jeef Zajer Hide Jeef Nawa Core part Basic Mineral Extractor Animal...
  13. Gunner

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Just for completeness, I have seen many people floating the idea of a magic carpet. Not my idea originally, but wanted to include it in this thread. The general consensus is that it should be doable, as there is already a flying broom in the game. (Now if we can just figure out hot to get a...
  14. Gunner

    Missing dialog boxes, missing planet lists, missing missions, etc.

    Ok, I figured out how to fix this. I am guessing that when the game downloaded the new VU files, that there was a glitch somewhere. To fix it do this: When you start the game there is a "Tools" button right next to the "Launch" button. Click the Tools button and you will see three tabs...
  15. Gunner

    Missing dialog boxes, missing planet lists, missing missions, etc.

    Hello, I am having two separate issues. I submitted tickets on both of them. The first issue is that I cannot log into my Entropia (non-game) account. When I submitted a ticket on it, MA said they were aware of the issue and closed my ticket. I am ok with that. However, I am severely...
  16. Gunner

    Yog Horror

    Thank you for posting this. I will put a link in my selling article to this one.
  17. Gunner

    Toulan and Monria - A New Beginning

    Ok, I am ready and willing to support this in any way that I can to make it successful. Let me know how I can help.
  18. Gunner

    Gunner's Goods now selling rare Leprechauns!

    Gunner's Goods is proud to announce that it has now added the Ultra-rare Yog Horror to it's inventory of pets. Stop by and check it out. Gunner's Goods - Cthylla Tower - Shop #6 - The one with the party tent at the entrance!
  19. Gunner

    Gunner's Goods now selling rare Leprechauns!

    Gunner's Goods now has Blue, White, and Gold Leprechauns for sale. Stop by and check them out. Supplies are limited, so don't miss the opportunity to get some of the best pets in the game! Gunner's Goods - Cthylla Tower - Shop #6
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