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  1. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    Thanks for the reply Mohammed, but that is still very blurry.. Ill post here to try keep all on one topic. 12-03-2016, 07:47 - TabTab Hide Drop Frequency This is when it all started, and bugs/conflicts/Broken loot tables only escalated. I mean i can survive, but for Toulan sake, this is...
  2. Eleni Von Estlla

    TabTab Hide Drop Frequency

    12-03-2016, 07:47 Since that was the beggining of the chaotic times when now know, The original date mention 25months. 2 years+ Revamping the econonmy, ok..... Is there any planning? Any so called Roadmap? Or do we have to get ourselves ready to wait few more years of nothing? Some...
  3. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    BUMP for nothing that happened ever since. To be honest it is even worse. Im become bit too lazy to list everything over and over again for nothing, but the list above is still pretty much valid. -Card parts totally stopped dropping which makes the implantation of the new instance absolutly...
  4. Eleni Von Estlla

    Shops / apartments

    Thats a Spam profile necro'ing and posting on random posts, with a commercial promotion as a signature. Nice try. Reported.
  5. Eleni Von Estlla

    Card Missions & Mr Salhoob

    Well, to make long story short, card parts dont drop, and most animal parts required to complete the recipe for the cards stopped dropping either. From memory, -Qaydar card was Duhol, Jeef Z. and Jeef Q. -Baydar was Mohkat, Qaffaz and Bahri. -Shamdar was...
  6. Eleni Von Estlla

    Jeef Zajer Statue

    Thank you you two :) and dont forget *cough* cough* Khaffash statue *cough* :D Indeed i got 1 hide a kill for 5000 kill, then it was like 3 hides per 200 kills on regular pattern. 100 kills were about 40 minutes, and a bout a round 1000ped for a set of 200 kills (2 time a full A104 amp and a...
  7. Eleni Von Estlla

    Jeef Zajer Statue

    By completing Stage 4. Probably my last grinding on here, at least until the whole planet/loot tables get fixed. Note that hides stopped dropping after 5000kills. Every mobs dropped one hide each, and on the last 1000 kills i got a total of 23 hides. Ended up looting oils and shrapnels only on...
  8. Eleni Von Estlla

    Jeef Zajer Stage 5

    Here is informations of the Quwa challenge for Jeef Zajer Stage 5. Statue is by completing stage 4.
  9. Eleni Von Estlla

    Jeef Zajer Stage 4

    Still cant upload picture anymore, hope imgur links are ok. Passing this as Toulan Wikia stops at stage 3. Explosive weapon technology 1.32PED + 30 stamina token OR Explosive weapon technology 1.32PED + 30 agility token OR Courage 1.32PED + 30 intelligence token OR Courage...
  10. Eleni Von Estlla

    Labiba mission Sweat gathering

    Hi, It seems begginers going throught Labiba mission quest, asked to gather 200 sweat, cannot do the mission. Problem seems the sweat counter stays 0/200. Seems to be since last VU. Thanks, E~
  11. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    Are we going to see any fixes for this list ? Some bugs listed above are months / years old, and surely the ones affecting the loot panel are major issue. Could we have some insight about all this ? E~
  12. Eleni Von Estlla

    not communication Toulan <-----> Entropia Life

    I seen the thread on PCF but its hopeless to post there. When i lifted the question about a couple months ago to the Toulan team, this is the answer they gave me. 3) I'm under the impression that Entropia Life tracker requires specific minimum amount of user activity on the planet, to collect...
  13. Eleni Von Estlla

    My first "HOF" on Toulan

    Congratulations on this Ost :)
  14. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    I think you just say it all with way more consistency then me. But saddly you are totally right. For obvious reasons my hunts generally stop after 20 ~ 40 mobs, when Toulan loot stop dropping ~ Then i sit and wait for loot to refresh, sometimes hours doing nothing or hunting the lesser mobs...
  15. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    Updated List Seen as priority to be fixed Loot drop rate broken spotted (drop quasi inexistant) = -Thawr horn -Caboria shell -Caboria hide -Sunjoq rock -Qaffaz tail -Tabtab hide -Bahri hide -Bahri skin -Jeef Nawa core part ( both Jeef Z and Q ) Mob loot that seem normal as usual =...
  16. Eleni Von Estlla

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.4 "This release focuses on fixes"

    Hello Ost, I personally really appreciate your post and your approach in this feedback. I think your vision is pretty close to what i returned to the team a while ago HERE. I likely agree with everything you say, as it matches my previous post on nearly every points. I know it is all in...
  17. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bug/feedback report as for 14/04/2017

    UPDATED 20/04/2017 Hello Team, About a year since last list of bugs so i thought was time to do another condensated list. I still have difficulties to post pictures so ill try refeer with external links if needed. ***PRIORITIE** 1. Hides / Parts broken drop rate As discussed earlier...
  18. Eleni Von Estlla

    Duhol 705 PED

    Last week was my first HOF on Wahesh, Now i been welcomed in this section with a Duhol Dominant of 705 PEDs :D I was getting sleepy and curled in my chair with the keyboard on me knees and WooT!! This one woke me up :D Couldnt believe it!! That motivated me to finish the Duhol stage then...
  19. Eleni Von Estlla

    Duhol Figure

    Et Voilà! Cant post picture due to a apparently picture-size-bug but i got this one last night. Duhol figure comfirmed at the end of final stage V. E~
  20. Eleni Von Estlla

    Bahri Stage 1 (800 kills)

    Hey hey Ost, Card parts please refeer to my post in noob corner "getting started on toulan" I indicate the location of cards npc. Its a mission chain for instances. 3 different cards. Looted on sunjoq bahri dahhar duhol jeefQ jeefZ qaffaz mokhat and khaffash. Enjoy your journey :) E~
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