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    Ahlan's Old Vehicle

    Ahlan's Old Vehicle doesnt need oil for me. must be a bug im sure.
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    PVP spot where there shouldnt be PVP

    A pvp spot was found where there's not supposed to be pvp at [Planet Toulan, 136746, 94766, 142, Waypoint] about 10m x 100m. seems like some kind of wave spawner is marked but not implemented. It was found by Little Bear.
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    Trapping Temple Khaffash on Toulan

    Just like the barrier that was found by LittleStar in the volcano, i believe something like that is needed at the temple. People keep getting the mobs trapped in the walkways around the nawa fountain to keep from having to kill them and just pick nawa freely. Some kind of barrier to keep...
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    info booth

    under the "waves" section, qaffaz is spelled wrong. its spelled as "qafazz". under instances, the cards are not mentioned which is good, some secrets are best left to be discovered.
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    Planet Toulan | Sabikah

    your sabikah can be converted into Mirsal tokens to trade for cards for the instances. Qaydar, Baydar, and Shamsdar
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    Disappearing Khaffash at the temple

    I was at the temple doing my khaffash daily and every so often i encounter disappearing mobs while shooting there. i cant post a video to the forum so i uploaded a video to youtube and will post a link. please let me know when it has been reviewed so i can remove the video from my youtube. thx...
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    "unknown" map

    when on toulan, if you open the map, there is a "downloadable" in the dropdown menu labeled "unknown". i click download but it never completes so im sure it doesnt work.. but perhaps there is future map were not seeing yet?? no other planet has an "unknown" downloadable option. this is only...
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    Crafting with a View

    why stare at a wall when you can craft with view!! Visit the glass dome on top of the nahar tower!
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    Translating the Scripts

    Was just doing a rough translation.... This wooly bobble hat motif reads "This Avatar Milks Merps For Fun". haha Just kidding... but for reals, id like to know what this hat says. a translation of other scripts in the world would be nice as well. Like the writing on the walls in the...
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    Toulan lacks a Bot mob.

    Khaffash daily rewards Dodge skills but nothing on Toulan is dodge..all evade. Some sort of nawa powered bot mob would be sweet to use dodge and utilize the dodge skill rewards from the daily. ~Legacy~
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    Lighting Bug

    Theres a couple of mobs that are glowing. i guess its an issue with the lighting or something. i tried different graphix settings but its the same no matter how high or low i set it. Level 13 Jeef Zaher Level 5 Bahri These are the 2 mobs ive noticed it on so far. when they die, their color...
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    Toulan and EntropiaLife

    At the moment, nothing is being reflected in EntropiaLife when it comes to toulan globals. Id like to see toulan tracked in eL. ~Legacy
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