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    Toulan Stable

    graz nice purchase, I am sure that will be a great investment as the planet grows -kitch
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    Are Iron type missions a priority or coming soon?

    I know its very early and they will come eventually but a few Iron style missions would be great. Thanks
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    What theme is Toulan

    Nice answer :P not giving anything away hehe
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    What theme is Toulan

    Can someone clear up the question of what "them" Toulan is for me please? :) I mean I know it's Arabic themed ofcourse.. But people have said its Mindforce themed, and when we saw nawa rumours started growing about that. Also a persistent idea is that it is taming themed? I suppose if you can't...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.2

    The new clothes look fantastic! Can't wait for them to finally be here.
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    When do property come for sale?

    I would like to see apartments maybe 2015 or 2016, I have never bought one but would probably get one on Toulan if I liked the location :cool:
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    Contemplating the term "Quiet as a church mouse."

    I think its the Nawa energy in the water supply :)
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    Contemplating the term "Quiet as a church mouse."

    lol :D I think maybe the qaffaz ate them all.. Yeah that is the problem everywhere to a degree :( Someone had the idea to have calypso in the middle of all the planets.. Some say this would give it an unfair advantage, but IMO.. It already does, and if you consider caly to be the "capital" of...
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    Location location

    Hey :) I also like the jelly zone lol :) I went there expecting to mine up some cool stuff though but was dissapointed. I love all the terrain really, between and around guardian and citadel is my favorite. I do find nahar very impressive though, really is a city. And all the features around it...
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    L bp with just 1 attempt.

    :D all I can say to this is.. xXLoLXx
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    Mirath Fatal Shot (L)

    don't think it is supposed to be classed as rare, its a nice noob sniper rifle (L) definitely not a prized rare item
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    Where are technicians?

    I think there are two at guardian? and in all outposts.. Mostly they are bright blue guys (addicted to nawa) try relogging there may be some weird reason they are not loading for you
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.1.1

    now we know why nawa has such high MU aka street value :)
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.1

    I think some of the mob spawns are a bit of a mess, like outside guardian, hope that gets looked into. Other than that, well if these current BP's are the BP's for now then that means that we have all the loot at this stage. So there will be some big update in future where they add a load more...
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    Whats your favorit Toulan mob and why?

    Mine is Thawr because it looks cool, and the name sound cool I think ^_^ I like that the mobs here have high HP too
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    What wonders will they have in store for us??

    New update coming tomorrow? Anyone heard if Toulan is getting anything?
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    that picture just made me sad :( looking at the old interface.. i want it back! :mad:
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    LOVING the music

    I wasn't getting music, not sure why :S It should have cause afterwards on the MS the music was booming out
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    Female clothing

    and they look really good :) so can't wait for that
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    Nawa drops Free

    ye thats the spirti taco :P I laughed abit when I read the text in nahar from the main npc guy up the steps from the tp, when he says something like: you can battle with other adventurers for the nawa.. I was thinking.. yeah or just stand there talking about loot lol
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