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    Are Iron type missions a priority or coming soon?

    I know its very early and they will come eventually but a few Iron style missions would be great. Thanks
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    What theme is Toulan

    Can someone clear up the question of what "them" Toulan is for me please? :) I mean I know it's Arabic themed ofcourse.. But people have said its Mindforce themed, and when we saw nawa rumours started growing about that. Also a persistent idea is that it is taming themed? I suppose if you can't...
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    Whats your favorit Toulan mob and why?

    Mine is Thawr because it looks cool, and the name sound cool I think ^_^ I like that the mobs here have high HP too
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    What wonders will they have in store for us??

    Well its nearly "mid-march" so I will be heading back to Toulan soon in anticipation. But can anyone speculate as to what awesome new stuff they will have prepared for us here? I am hoping for Armour BPs personally ^_^
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    Beach Party!!!

    Lol - as the title suggests I wonder if we could hold a beach party in the sandy shores area at some point? reasons being:- -Community spirit -Exchange ideas -See who is on Toulan -Wear shorts -Celebrate the start of Toulan -Tell some jokes *no mob training :D Would this interest anyone? -kitch
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    New players starting on Toulan as home planet

    can anyone confirm this is possible? Not speculation but confirmation that a new player can register on, download the client, then pick toulan from the list? Also if this is possible, is there an indication that its still in beta? Wont ask how you got this info.. Thanks!
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    L finder with depth 5-600m

    Just wandering if anyone on toulan can provide me with one? I would like to stay here mining but forgot my F-105 and don't wanna go back just for one tool.. so please if anyone has.. higher tt the better thanks!
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