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    Enough of the vehicle ban!

    Agree! It's like the old days where you had to run around and explore. I'd prefer it that way ;)
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    Mokhat is bugged!

    Never mind this! I jumped on a conclution to soon. Mods: Please delete this thread. Thanks, Vinni
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.0 ?

    Hi! Just wondering if theres been a Toulan specific update with the platform update 15.0 today? Thanks, Vinni
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    Tarsus SG1

    Valid question, I wonder myself...
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    Yog eyeball

    Hi! I just looted a Yog eyeball. Just wondering if its TT or of any value? Thanks, Vinni
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    Yog spawnrate

    Hi! I'd really like to see an increased spawnrate for the Yogs. I often find myself waiting for the next mob to spawn - i wait longer than time spent to kill them. Thanks, Vinni
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    Tarsus SG1

    Its about a year since this was discovered. AFAIK its crafted - blueprint (L) was discovered by Stahl paulpanter Die. Infact, gun was sold on Caly auc yesterday +1k :) So far the only one it seems... I'd like one :)
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    Hi! Will we see any instances on Toulan in the near future? Would be great to hear from any devs on this ;)
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    Salafa series

    Hi. The Salafa G3 beam makes a huge "lightflash" when hitting ground. I assume this effect is meant to be, but it's really stressing the eyes. I'd be glad if you could adjust the effect down a bit, or even better, remove it all together. Thanks, Vinni
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