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  1. Sigon

    Deathfear's Cult Shop-Closed

    I still might take it off your hands at some point next month, if it hasnt sold by then.
  2. Sigon

    Deathfear's Cult Shop-Closed

    What will become of Deathsfear?????
  3. Sigon

    shoggoth boss locations

    Inchoate location thanks to Pinthas (Multiple Spawns): [37684, 20767, 0] Odium the Desecrator (Single Spawn): [38457, 21439, 25] If anyone has locations of the last 2 bosses please post! So far, loot isn't really that good, some better selections of paints from inchoate, im grinding Odium to...
  4. Sigon

    Monria content update coming October 7th

    Bring the madness! Im so anxious i might eat my yog skins before i can use it!
  5. Sigon

    Tarsus SG1

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