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  1. McKenzee

    Monria Volunteer Mentors | Viesulas darkaLT McKenzee

    ABOUT MYSELF I'm Lithuanian player, age 50+. Languages: Lithuanian (native), Russian - 2nd native :laughing2, English - very good (just some grammatic o_O ), can understand Polish. I was born 2018 in Calypso. Nobody didn't helped me to survive in this amazing game. A one time I started look...
  2. McKenzee

    What I doing / working in real :)

    Hi all, I hope that everyone would like to share some image of the day from real life :) There is mine - yesterday we been surveying an old tunnel for Greenway, Co. Wexford, Ireland
  3. McKenzee

    Hello Monrians :)

    Hello all, my avatar nicknames is Viesulas darkaLT McKenzee... I'm registered to forum at February and still have a one post only so would say I'm new here in the forum. I play game about 3 years and everyday finding something interesting. Maybe a year ago I found very nice moon named Monria...
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