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  1. Spawn

    Buff for Karmoosh Lateef

    Currently the Karmoosh Lateef has no special buff, while being very hard to obtain. The devs always said Karmoosh Lateef would get a special buff. If Karmoosh Lateef would get 1% reload speed for tools/weapons at level 17 and 3%at level 32, then this planet would get a lot of traffic and the...
  2. Spawn

    Selling Chtylla tower shop Nr 5

    Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 5 / Spawn This shop is now for sale. I bought it for 7 CLD. I am willing to let it go for 6 CLD. The display area is bugged ( all booths are as well). It's not a fault of the shop, but an entropia wide bug. It still has 210 item in the main section. So 6 CLD or...
  3. Spawn

    How to get the players in

    There are still some things lacking in entropia universe. unlimited low damage blp amplifiers for example (3 - 17 dmg) unlimited low damage melee trauma amplifiers is another thing that is missing. (3-18) boxing gloves (18-60 dmg) If Toulan could create a large mission where the end reward...
  4. Spawn

    Display area bugged.

    When I remove an item from the display area, to replace it, I cannot. I get "maximum items reached" This is a warning to all other shop owners.. keep your display area items there, do not remove them or you won't be able to place them back. It's also true for calypso booths...
  5. Spawn


    So I hunted pretty much all the mobs ons this fine planet, exceptioneel the ones that look like Jeef, but have a slightly different name. I even killed some Jawesh old alpha. I got 4 armor parts and a fair share of weapons. But no amps.... are they ingame yet?
  6. Spawn

    Toulan weapons at

    The whole planet is missing on entropedia. I don't know how this works.. but if somebody could add the planet, then we can start adding the new weapons to it. Some of these weapons have excellent stats, especially the range on the small taggers.
  7. Spawn

    Gratz To Agis and Stig

    For all the new discoveries.. I guess your passwords are really hard...
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