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  1. sluggo

    Bird Psycology 101

    Ok, so the feathered brat has this infatuation with my shoe strings. If I leave them ANYWHERE in sight, he will go out of his way, even knowing he will be punished, to get them and chew the crap out of them. Well today I let him out of the cage and he made an immediate bee line walking up the...
  2. sluggo

    How To Make Money

    Yanno, I just got an idea. That fanook fap is gone I think, they don't do them anymore. Shame really. With that, ok bear with me now, this is an insanity in progress.... Monria should have a short mission chain for someone to craft something similar. A very cheap throw away since they...
  3. sluggo

    May VU, Post Monria Bugs here.

    If you see any bugs that appear related to the VU, please post them. Sluggo
  4. sluggo

    You Think I Make This Stuff Up?

    The bird is a booze hound. He will actively go after any alcohol he sees. If you leave a drink on a table or something, it will have a feathered visit, if you are holding a drink he will be all nice and cuddly to you, as he inches his way down your arm to try to stick his snoot into your drink...
  5. sluggo

    Turbine Inspection at a Power Plant

    In the Monria Team Ambassadors private discussion I mentioned my limited time over the next six weeks due to my work schedule and explained some of the stuff I do for a living. It was suggested that I post it here because it was interesting. For those who are curious, I work in the power plant...
  6. sluggo

    Hillbilly Hair Removal

    So I'm doing dishes. Generally I will put just a touch of bleach in the water to help disinfect. I was out of regular bleach so grabbed the bottle of liquishock. Ok pour just a little bit less in right. umm... ok.. Yep, bleach will remove hair from your hands and arms pretty good, leaves a...
  7. sluggo

    If This Doesn't Sum Up kids today in a nutshell.

  8. sluggo

    What is up with CLD's lately?

    What's going on with CLD's lately geez. They paid crap several weeks now, what's up with that? The ARK deeds are going crazy now which is a good thing though. Is Caly / MA going broke? Sluggo
  9. sluggo


    Is there any Nik here on Monria? I did not see any in my logs of LBML that I found. Don't mean it isn't here just that Im a dolt when it comes to mining? If so, can someone pls share a general location where you found it at? thanks sluggo
  10. sluggo

    Another member Idea Bonnie Spider Giacomo

    We were discussing mining in the Monria chat channel and it was mentioned that mining is rather unfriendly to noobs here. In reality, inside rules are rather unfriendly to everyone ... well ALMOST..... everyone...(glare). With that said hehe... It was mentioned if we could have a 'noob' area...
  11. sluggo

    Global Thresholds

    Is there any way you can get a list of the Mobs on Monria and what the threshold for them to 'swirlie' is at? I have heard a few folks say that the lower level cultists are not swirling on 30 to 40 ped Globals. On many other planets this is enough that they will swirly, even if it is just a...
  12. sluggo

    Member Nabu's suggestions

    LOVES the music. Is really into the whole theme here and the 'dark and creepy music'. LOVES the mobs, and exploring new regions, wants to hammer ALL the missions. Wishes we had some iron missions or something that rewarded a 'mob trophy head' after completing 20k or whatever kills of them like...
  13. sluggo

    EU Client Loader splash screen

    When you first load up the EU client loader, it gives you a screen with notes / updates to the planet you are currently on. Being I am on Monria, I see a Monria splash screen. It is dated from November of 2014 saying the shrub mission is more appealing. Can you get this updated with more...
  14. sluggo

    Shop Help

    I just sold some stuff in my shop today Yaaayyy. Problem is the 'message' I got gives me a lot of information including the date and time the stuff sold but does not say who bought it. Is there any way to find that out? Rusty, you do your hub point thing, how do you tell who bought what? sluggo
  15. sluggo

    A shops thread possibly

    We need to get people to Monria and shopping is one way to do it! I have a shop, I know rusty has one and a few other folks. Currently our 'postings' are kind of scattered here on the forum. This is not making it super easy for folks to see what is for sale. If we possibly had a section...
  16. sluggo

    Additional repair terminals.

    One member asked if we could get a repair terminal at the main hub teleporter when you first beam in from space. I told them id pass the message along. Here it is. sluggo
  17. sluggo

    Ill throw my two pedlings in as well...

    Suggestions to make Monria the best planet to work on. You have two Mining missions for DSEC, which I believe means Monria Exclusive? More mining missions would be totally awesome, BUT.... I just completed my Zoldenite I mission today and was rewarded with Prospecting :( Zoldenite is an...
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