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  1. Lee Negated Dokken

    More gifts from Cthulhu!!

    Yay!!! Thank you, Lord Cthulhu.
  2. Lee Negated Dokken

    Big happenings in the life of Negated

    My lord Cthulhu has seen fit to grant me a plot of land outside of R'lyeh on which to cultivate new sources of food for our ever-growing army. Unfortunately, given the tendency of my yogs to gravitate more toward destruction than creation, this means that much of my time, energy, and focus must...
  3. Lee Negated Dokken

    Missing shops in list...

    Look like there are a few missing shops in the list... Namely, the first shop on the Hub 3rd floor, Cthylla shop 3, and Cthulhu shop 5.
  4. Lee Negated Dokken

    Lee 'Negated' Dokken's gifts from Cthulhu. (And a running tally of my Monrian Iron missions)

    So, I decided to take a page from the Imp's book, and compose a log of my Monrian globals and achievements. Shoggs - 59 of 10k - 10 globals for a total of 173 Ped Yogs - Just starting 4th 10k - 232 globals for a total of 4717 Ped Cultists - 1569 of 10k - 3 globals for a total of 219 Ped...
  5. Lee Negated Dokken

    Invisible Yogs?

    Anybody else having this issue? Been getting hit by invisible yogs in south crater....
  6. Lee Negated Dokken

    Negated's First Tower

    Unfortunately, it wasn't on Monria. But still. Woohoo me!
  7. Lee Negated Dokken

    Found: One god

    Found this little guy while playing a mobile game this morning.
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