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  1. Tilaras

    Hiya All

    Hey there Monria!!! just dropping a line to say hello!! Hope to see you all in Game!!
  2. Tilaras

    Shop stalls or new apartment towers??

    Just wondering if there are plans for more apartment towers or new shop stalls to be done for Monria?? I am interested in possibly doing a Shop / Home base At Monria, and would love to know what the plans are like for adding more ?
  3. Tilaras

    Any new events upcoming??

    As the OP says.. anything in the works we should be looking forward to in the next little while??
  4. Tilaras

    Land Areas for sale??

    Is there going to be a Land area for players to purchase in the future of the Moon?? would be kinda nice to see some new blood that way in the game, as the ones that are about now, are way to expensive to even think about looking at, and would be nice to invest in something like that.
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