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  1. Woulfear Runt

    Looking for Gremlin armor pieces(M)

    This is a shout out to all Monria shop owners and sellers of stuff out of your apartments. I have reached a point where I am looking to upgrade my great adj. Pixie armor. Am slowly collecting pieces of Gremlin armor and am wandering if any of you lovely folks have any to sell. Would rather spend...
  2. Woulfear Runt

    What can a lowbie miner use as a cost effective finder?

    Good morning to all the smart and successful miners in EU. I come to you great peoples of the moon to ask this question. What is a good depth finder for a low level miner(level 8) to use? I don't get any more SIB's from the tt finders and it appears all the next level finders use 30+ probes...
  3. Woulfear Runt

    Is their going to be an event around Christmas?

    Was just wandering if their is a plan for stuff around Christmas. If so was curious about the date or dates. I was off planet for the 1 year anniversary event. And was so sad to read all the fun in the in-game chat. Also may want to take time off from work and a heads up would be sweeeeet...Tyvm...
  4. Woulfear Runt

    Wanting to buy Lotium fluid or Lotium gel

    Good morning all. I turn to the good peoples of our fabulous forum community. I am seeking Lotium fluid or its refined counterpart Lotium gel. They are an ingredient in an Ark bp. Am willing to spend upwards of 50ped for said mats. Also I am looking for either a Mako Fel-2 or Mako Fel-3 blue...
  5. Woulfear Runt

    What is a proper MU for items to sell??

    Good morning all, not wanting to hijack anyone's thread with my question. After spending 5+ weeks on Caly I have a bunch of mats and ores I want to sell. So two questions I have. 1st, what is a proper MU for said items? and 2nd, where is a good location to advertise said items and quantities? I...
  6. Woulfear Runt

    Seeking Ark materials

    Good day Monria shop keepers. Would any of you good people happen to stock materials from Arkadia? I am seeking (weld filament). If you do have in stock in your shop, please leave me your shop location. I tried to find Sluggo's place but couldn't understand the directions. I mean shop #1 but...
  7. Woulfear Runt

    My view from the trenches. Part 2

    Good evening Monria peoples. I am finishing up a 2 week cruise around EU with my SOC members from Luv Craft. We visited Ark, Next Island, and Toulan. Ark was fun, spent about 4 - 5 days there. Am looking forward to going back and doing more exploring. Next was NI, am so sorry to say. This is a...
  8. Woulfear Runt

    My view from the trenches.

    Good morning all. Well I made it, I have completed the disciple program. Hit 100% around 3am today. I want to thank all who made it possible. Krazysmitty- mentor...taught me the value of sweating early on. To Okamisama who took me under her wing when I joined Luvcraft SOC.. to Drifter for the...
  9. Woulfear Runt


    Good morning and hello. Woulfear here just saying hello to all the lovely moon babies. Born 4 weeks ago and having a blast. If you see me in game say howdy. Stay safe and have fun.
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