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  1. Superraine raine r456

    Main page issue

    On main page. the support tab is now where the forum icon was. and support icon takes me to the forum . im on my phone so not sure if its a mobile issue or not .
  2. Superraine raine r456

    Taking a trip to Next Island

    Ill be taking a trip to next island later this evening. If anyone wants to join i have a seat open. I can show ppl around whos never been there before. Get some cool newbe items. One of them being the elysian colorator with bleacher UL. :D @sluggo u should go to u can be the only guy running...
  3. Superraine raine r456

    Playable Arkadian Drop Ships

    Drops ships are here I know its alittle late but just saw this and i want one :D
  4. Superraine raine r456

    Stage, Jukebox at hub

    Rosaraine, Eleni, deathsfear, maximous and I were at the hub last evening and an idea sparked up a conversation between us all. :grouphug Have a permenant stage with working party lights and a jukebox in Hub stage. With a bunch of good preloaded songs on it. So anyone could pay a small fee like...
  5. Superraine raine r456

    Yog sothoth

    Saw on entropedia about a maturity of yog called sothoth. Been all over every inch of monria and never seen one. Is this an event mob that was used once in the past or will it exist in the future? Thanks
  6. Superraine raine r456

    New mob idea

    Saw this online and reminded me of a conversation rosa and I had about a cool mob idea for the moon. Infected ancient astronaut
  7. Superraine raine r456

    3 path epic mission chainchain

    3 path epic chain. Probly mostly hunting missions. Rewards 1st path choice lvl10 UL laser rifle...lvl10 UL Sword...full set of Ul armor low end maybe slightly better than adj pixie. 2nd path choice lvl20 UL laser pistol.... Lvl20 UL blp rifle.... Full set of UL armor equivalent to viceroy 3rd...
  8. Superraine raine r456

    Ultimate texturing and coloring guide
  9. Superraine raine r456

    Question about future mission possibilities and rewards

    Are there any plans for epic mission chains like those of other planets to obtain unlimited weapons or armor? Would be neat to have something also that no other planet does like a 3 path epic mission chain where u can choose to go for a unlimited lvl 10 weapons or lvl 20 or lvl 30. So far all...
  10. Superraine raine r456

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone Alittle about myself . not new to entropia but new to posting in forums. My wife and I both play. Ull see her around monria as well. Im Raine and shes Rosaraine. Always up for team hunts :) and events :) so far monria has welcomed us warmly everyone has been exceptionaly nice...
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