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    Any good forest to cut on Toulan?

    Cross the pond from the Jelly zone coordinate listed above. :) It's an insane amount of trees. Probably being overrun by harvesters now that the word is spreading.
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    ep1 crafting giving 110% tt-return always??

    as with all things it really depends on the amount of clicks you do. It is VERY possibly and probable that you won't end up with over 100% tt returns all of the time with explosive crafting. The main reason this happens is Toulan does not have planet specific component blueprints...
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    "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources"?

    ok thanks. Seems that longboard only shows up regularly with Huge Trees, not large.
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    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan

    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan There's already a revive and terminals there so it makes sense.
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    "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources"?

    Is "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources" the same thing as an nrf in mining with trees or is it something else? Reading through the quarterly pdf it seems you have to have the correct level tool to get the resource from the tree. However, I'm using a Terratech PH-3 on large...
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    Butt Joint?

    The new Butt Joint Blueprint is nice especially since harvesting is so nice and easy on Toulan. However, this leads to the question what blueprints is the Butt Joint used as a component of? Are they the new basic filters that have no purpose, or is there a higher level blueprint they are used in?
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    Karmoosh Aleef

    so it's a hunting buddy, but not much of a taming buddy since it has so low pet and taming passive?...
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    Toulan Mob Issues & Feedback

    not really a mob issue per se, but taming tab tab the last few days my avatar got stuck in the big rock box next to the waypoint for the taming mission. Seems to have thin walls that absorb your avatar in to the rock wall if you get to close. Doesn't happen often, just if you get too close to...
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    Christmas Gifts

    Out of curiosity what date did u give mindark?
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    Toulan Pet Stable Shop - Inventory List

    Suggestion: since there is now a taming mission right next door with the tab tab, how about stocking some nutrio, and whips?!? This is a stable after all. (I did see one whip over there but that's it)
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    What is the daily reward for tab tab?

    watched it today... you have gained 3.4519 experience in your animal taming skill.
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    What is the daily reward for tab tab?

    I understand that, but which skill and how many?
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    What is the daily reward for tab tab?

    Started doing the tab tab daily mission yesterday to tame 100. I didn't pay attention to stats when I went back to the npc at the stable. No reward window came up if I remember, but I may have been not paying attention due to drinking too much egg nog and other goodies... When you end the 100...
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    taming tools and stuff in loot...

    Now that there's a repeatable taming mission how about adding interesting rare stuff to the loot tables of tab tab or whatever other tameable pets are on the way on this planet... stuff that normally is not easy to get except via webshop or overpriced places in game... is it possible to add in...
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    A Tabtab Spawn with only Old Alpha to Stalker.

    also make more low level tab tab spawns around the planet too. As they are tameable and in the codex, don't want them getting hogged by those only killing and not taming.
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Better yet, instead of just skills, make the reward tradeable skill implants for each skill listed.
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    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    Originally, before vehicles were allowed, it was a sort of 'goal' to get up there to the mountain top as indicated by some of the stories the npcs have. The hidden city on top of the mountain type of stuff. Now that vehicles are allowed, you are correct, it's pointless because the original...
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    sweat shop?

    I seem to remember a while back there was a shop that sold stacks of sweat somewhere on Monria? Does it still exist, and if so, where is it? I know there's another place that does similar on Arkadia, but am looking for something here.
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    field trips/special events

    One thing I might suggest may be to do TWO special events during the trips. one as it is with the 'shared loot' big spawns for everyone and a second one just for the monria born. My understanding of the way the event system works is that you can essentially rent out a Land Area type space and...
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    Chapter 4

    I believe Mindark will let you pay them 1k to get items back that were TTed.
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