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  1. Craftmeister

    Monria St Patrick's Day Event | Mar 13th & 14th | The Dark Side Continues to Rise

    Awesome, as always looking forward to a top class yearly event, will definitely be there! :jumpclap Cheers :toast CM
  2. Craftmeister

    Planet Toulan Comprehensive Information | Created by Craftmeister

    Spreadsheet updated 18.02.2021. Very good updates from the VS team filling the gaps with new items in especially the crafting cost per click categories. :thumbsup Anyone who has info on sections with info missing / new items, please let me know. :snapoutofit GL, HOF and ATH everyone, Cheers...
  3. Craftmeister

    Miles Armor Info Table

    Awesome work Miles :thumbsup. If it helps, I can confirm today that the Karmoosh Aleef drops Rifi Armguards (L) as 'common/often' ( 7 in 300 Ped cycled) and the Sada Helmet (L). ( 1 Drop in 300 Ped cycled.) Cheers CM :toast
  4. Craftmeister

    DME Finally Gets Her Official Avatar | Feb 9th

    Awesome DME, yet another step in the right direction for the further development of Monria and Toulan! GZ :jumpclap Cheers CM :toast
  5. Craftmeister

    MINI SAGE II! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 2nd April 2021

    For starters, plenty super Kudos for the effort made for the short film: The Ghosts of Monria. Nicely done!! :jumpclap As a helping hand, a couple of creature control pills for the Cult of the Skull members, especially the rare second entity ones, could be super brilliant for the next chapter...
  6. Craftmeister

    Planet Toulan Mission + Mob Spreadsheet

    Looks like I have some updating to do... :jumpclap
  7. Craftmeister

    Planet Toulan Mission + Mob Spreadsheet

    Hi all, created this spreadsheet in 2018, (the same format as the one for Cyrene), not updated since but in many respects still valid. Decided to bump this up to help players find the old missions and brokers which are still there and give noobs an idea of how to progress on mobs. Tx, GL. HOF...
  8. Craftmeister

    Karmoosh Lateef

    Thanks, yes that is the Karmoosh Aleef pet (red pants) you get for the Mirsal tokens. What interests me is the value of the Karmoosh Lateef (scottish pants), as it may very well become extinct and it cost me a small fortune to tame in 2018. Considering the experience I had with both the Lateef...
  9. Craftmeister

    Karmoosh Lateef

    Hi all, was just wondering what a Karmoosh Lateef would be worth now. I have 2, one at lvl 10 and another at Level 20. The Level 20 still has only Pet and Taming Skills unlocked at Lvl 14 and no further buffs are known as far as I know. An update to fix it seems unlikely and the mission to get...
  10. Craftmeister

    Karmoosh Aleef

    Ok, just some further info. I entered the instance, prepared with whips and ring, and started taming. I am currently a lvl 13 Animal Tamer. I got the message that my taming skill was not high enough, so a higher taming skill is needed. What exactly the level required is I cannot say. After...
  11. Craftmeister

    Karmoosh Aleef

    Awesome, thank you :)
  12. Craftmeister

    MINI SAGE 1! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza 5th February 2021 Toulan

    Awesome, thank you, the date has been set in my diary Please include me in the event :) Cheers and best of luck, CM Full Ingame Avatar Name: Mark Craftmeister Cheepos
  13. Craftmeister

    Karmoosh Aleef

    Awesome, super Gratz to Bonnie, keep up the good and informative work on Youtube and Twitch :) Do we have info on the Skill level and whip required to tame the Karmoosh Aleef? I have 2x Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key - Solo in storage and would like to do the mission without going in blind like we...
  14. Craftmeister

    Monria Quarterly | March 2020

    A super read again, tx DME and the team who created it, kudos:jumpclap In regards to 'Dunny' (as the Dunwich Horror is now lovingly and respectfully referred to :)), I was there the first time he spawned. I was grinding away at Yogs in the crater where he spawns, and as is usual when grinding...
  15. Craftmeister

    A very frightening experience today -- Tuesday, May 12th

    Also from me all the best wishes to you DME, glad you are ok. :thumbsup Experiences like this just make us stronger and gives us a couple of stories to tell the grandkids :p. Looking forward to seeing you on deck again, cheers CM
  16. Craftmeister

    Monria Event | Dagon, Hydra & the Deep Ones | Sat, May 16th

    Hi DME and Team, looking forward to the event as always,:jumpclap Good Luck, HOF and ATH everyone, CM :twocents
  17. Craftmeister

    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    Hi all, first of all thanks to DME and the Monria team for a great event as ever, kudos :jumpclap Unfortunately, while browsing through You Tube I came across this video which really upset me. I believe in honest game play and my in game reputation is one i work hard at to reflect that...
  18. Craftmeister

    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    Hello, my guess total globals is 325. Looking forward to the event.:thumbsup Good Luck, HOF and ATH to all, Regards CM
  19. Craftmeister

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Hi, looking forward to the Event as always :jumpclap My guess would be 2100. Good Luck, HOF and ATH to all, cheers :toast CM
  20. Craftmeister

    Monria Event | Maladrite Elixir Threat Continues | Saturday - Jan 18th

    Hi all, looking forward to the Event as always :jumpclap. My guess is 325 globals. Good Luck and Hof everyone, Cheers :peace CM
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