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  1. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Construction Terminal Placement.

    Could the Construction Terminal placements be moved over a few feet. I find that when i try and go to the Storage and Trade Terminals, especially in Guardian Village, it is a pain to get near them without running into others. It gets very crowded at time around the terminals. Perhaps at GV...
  2. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Hi again :)

    Hi everyone. I am on a laptop atm. Daughter suggested I try the game on here but I don't know if it can handle it and if I will be able to play on it with the size. I am downloading Entropia now. I miss seeing everyone in the game.... so even if i can't play well.. I will at least pop in and...
  3. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Happy Birthday Kendra

    :happybirthday3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA :happybirthday2 I hope you have a fantastic birthday and many more. :D
  4. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Hi Everyone

    :purplealien I am happy to be on Monria. I wanted a Monrian Character from the moment I found out how friendly everyone is and what a great community it has. :hi
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