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    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    I landed my quad on first floor, we hug the protection bar of first floor and start to move around. At a moment it clicked but totally different for me and for my disciple. So. U must be on first floor.
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    Check view from the first balcony

    Me and my disciple took step by step whole zone and no "click" :(. This is rly not fun at all. We spend over 30 min searching like some headless chicken. @Eleni Von Estlla I checked ur spot and nothing there too. Maybe anyone have any idea ! PS: We done it. I landed my quad on first floor, we...
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    Planet Toulan Comprehensive Information | Created by Craftmeister

    Yuppieeee! This is the cherry on the top. Going on Toulan ! You are doing an awesome job guys and I thank you for that!
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    Toulan's Guide to Everything | Created by ShadowDragonV

    That's awesome ShadowDragonV . And thank you DarkMoonEnigma for posting it. Finding this Guide convinced me that is the time to visit for the first time that planet. Maybe even today i will go there.
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    Welcome to the Forum

    Aloha and may Lootius be with you all !:)
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