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  1. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Arkadia Trip

    Hello all my lovely Customers on Toulan, Just so everyone knows I am spending the week on Ark finishing off all my trophy missions now the codex is here so until the weekend the shop won't be restocked. A lot of items have sold recently so the shelves might be a bit empty in places but I'll...
  2. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Change of Focus

    I've had a very good first month running the shop and it is a very busy thing to do and keep current. Now that Hally is selling weapons across from me and Mercy has a stock of Armatrix downstairs I'm going to to phase out all the weapons and armour from my shop so that I can concentrate more on...
  3. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Event Weekend Fire(For Effect)Sale

    To celebrate the first month of Heidi's Bazaar and in support of the brave defenders of Toulan I am having a price slashing munitions sale from now until Monday. I have rifles and pistols a plenty at minimal prices possible. ares and aeglic rings on offer NeuroA pills and various Stims at...
  4. Heidi Stassinopolis

    After a busy day SURF'S UP!!!!

    Been hunting to order, flying through space, clicking 1000 times, sorting shop stuff. Somtimes a girl just needs to kick back ;)
  5. Heidi Stassinopolis

    No access to Floor 7 nahar towers

    Hi when I use any televator to get to floor 7 to the shop it puts me on the roof. I've tried relogging etc but then kinkie tried it and the same thing happened. There's no other way to the floor other than by televator, and all the other floors seem to work. I've tried going to another floor...
  6. Heidi Stassinopolis

    New PVP area discovered??

    I was out mining and found a strip of pvp land about 10 m wide and 50 m long ?? Is Ant building a new boxing ring to take a beating in????
  7. Heidi Stassinopolis

    An offer to Toulan Based Crafters

    Hello Crafters, This is my outdoor 10 point display area I am going to offer this 10 point display window up to any Toulan crafters who wish to sell their goods. The deal is you tell me the MU/sale price you want to charge and my cut will be the shopping tax and the +1 ped minimum that all...
  8. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Blatant Advertising Feature and no apologies

    I have spent all week flying from planet to planet, I have spoken to many crafters and had a massive amount of help from various people. I have dodged pirates, pestered people and been learning how a shop works, steepest learning curve in EU yet! So to introduce to you The Toulan branch of...
  9. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Dunwich Horror

    When Dunnie spawns can the turrets in the mining crater be switched off. Some people keep running him into the turret because they want to hunt normal size yogs which is a waste if you ask me and I have been in chat with people talking about going to Monria to take down Dunnie when he's...
  10. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Heidi's Bazaar Inventory list

    NAHAR TOWERS -- SHOP 21 -- 7TH FLOOR INVENTORY LIST @ ( OUTSIDE DISPLAY ) * Red Overlapping Texture (70) * Reddish Pink Texture (70) * Delicate Lace Texture (100) * Batik Texture (70) * Aqeeq Texture (500) * Aqeeq Texture (600) * Qaher Texture (323) * Wahesh Texture (50) * Sunjoq Texture...
  11. Heidi Stassinopolis

    New Shop opening soon -- calling crafters/hunters/miners

    Hi all, As I am lucky enough to have a large shop now and I am intending to be up and trading by Monday 5th April I'd like some feedback on what people want to have available for regular purchases? I am thinking I would like to cater to all players from new to uber so there will be low level...
  12. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Book of Life Page 99 - Incantations!

    I am unbelievably stunned at the moment and really happy. A jeef Supreme was kind enough to hand me this I am really lost for words honestly and can't wait to be able to sell items to the people of Toulan Thank you.
  13. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Cthylla Towers Apt 6 C for sale

    Brand new apartment never used or defiled by cultists, vermin free with that just out the box smell. Panoramic view of the wild shoggs roaming the crater and the hub in the distance. On Caly AH SB 1800 BO 2000 Includes free transport rights on the Yamato warp schedule. Buy youself a...
  14. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Sahari Pleat

    So during the boss waves event this happened, And I was all confused as to what it was due to the general mayhem so I missed the ticker notification, but this is what it was. I feel so happy to finally get my first ever discovery and do it on Toulan Keep it up with the events everyone...
  15. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Heidi's Hill

    Make her fight on the hill in the early day Constant chill deep inside Shooting gun, on she runs through the endless grey On she fights, for the right, yes, but who's to say? For a hill, she would kill, Win! a page this day Stiffened wounds test her pride Duhol thrive, still alive through...
  16. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Cuhof instances unavailable after patch

    Just logged in after the patch and all five instances are now saying they are unavailable, I have my nawacores and in a team etc, worked fine this morning befor ethe patch.
  17. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Weird bug but only a minor thing

    Every time I come out of Cuhof 4 having finished the instance I have no sound. If I go into options and switch sound effects off then on it all works again. I'll try the other instances to see if it's the same.
  18. Heidi Stassinopolis

    Had to share too funny

    Just found this on youtube lol Cultists of whammageddon
  19. Heidi Stassinopolis

    The story of the second tower

    I decided to do a big mining run on Monria on a non event day and lo and behold not 50 metres from my first ever Tower I found another one at about the same depth. It was a nice surprise and you can just see the tower forming through the woosh of the swirl. Avum wanted to see what one looked...
  20. Heidi Stassinopolis

    My First Tower, by Heidi age 5

    I am so happy to finally achieve a major EU ambition and finally hit a mining tower. It is even more exciting for it to happen on what seems to have become my new home the lovely moon of Monria. Even better it was during the St Patricks day event so it counts for prizes too which is amazing...
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