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  1. Curd

    Monria moments in real life

    The cell phone case... I almost spilled my coffee.
  2. Curd

    Yog Pet Passive Effect Bugged

    The passive effect (excavator mastery) on my Yog pet does not seem to work for me. I have tried with different excavators. There is no passive effect icon when I spawn the pet and the stats of the excavator remain unchanged. I have submitted a support case (#359512) in July 2018. Sadly nothing...
  3. Curd

    TKoE website blocked

    Noticed this because of a non-loading attachment or signature here. Could be a false positive, may still be a good idea to make sure everything on the server is like intended. I know this is the wrong forum, perhaps someone here can give a holler via PM or in-game message.
  4. Curd

    Monria Hoax

    Despite my own peach fuzz there is no doubt that a good lather is half the shave. On Monria we love to project ahead and are therefore busy all year round in preparation for the special occasion. Envision Shoggoths neatly moisturizing greeting card envelopes, Shubs flap-folding cardboard wraps...
  5. Curd

    DSEC Roadmap

  6. Curd

    Dark, Damp and Narrow

    This has got to be the darkest and tiniest corner at Monria. I lit a candle. :D
  7. Curd

    The Thrill of Anticipation

  8. Curd

    To people with shop/shopkeeper: Can you confirm this error?

    There is a glitch in the sales notifications I have received so far: MA support replied that it is a "local" problem, so on my end. Do you see something similar?
  9. Curd

    12533 Lysterium

    Sadly no screenshot of the swirlies as I don't run the EL client and I am usually totally paralyzed by the sudden yellow flash. o_O Thanks for all the positive feedback, also live in #monria chat. :)
  10. Curd

    WTB Apartment

    Please reply or PM if you are selling a Monria apartment, no matter which tower or floor. Moved in. Thank you.
  11. Curd

    XXIII Oil

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