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  1. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Tabtab Codex

    Rank "star" Reward
  2. Tataio Spitfire misho

    A Tabtab Spawn with only Old Alpha to Stalker.

    Hi, now that codex have come to Toulan and i have already done every rank on Tabtab and is now on "Tabtab challenge - Done 12.8% Progress" I want to kill higher maturity of tabtab, like old Alpha to Stalker. It will make the progress in the codex mission "Tabtab Challenge" go much faster and i...
  3. Tataio Spitfire misho

    The Daily mission kill 250 Sunjuq is not available for me

    I have done a bug report about Danhar daily mission not being available for me, now i see the Kill 250 Sunjuq daily mission in not available for me on the mission terminal either. And i dont have it on the mission log either. Seems like my avatar is cursed :'/ Hope i can get help with this...
  4. Tataio Spitfire misho

    The Danhar Daily is not available for me

    Hi there, i turned in my "Hunt Danhar (Daily)" Mission about 1-2 months ago, when i now are in toulan and want to explore more option then tabtab "have killed alot of them" i was thinking about Danhar, hunt those mobs, and see what they can give. But to my suprise, the Daily hunting mission on...
  5. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Suggestion - Make a Daily crafting mission that include tabtab Leather :)

    Hi! I have a Suggestion, if you are thinking about making a Daily crafting mission in Toulan, i can suggest something :) In toulan there we have those little Tabtab running around, They are perfekt for new players to hunt, with the daily mission reward and good amounts of Basic leather...
  6. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Feedback from an Event

    Hi, I did a event in Toulan, thro the event orginzer. When the event started. nearly nothing worked, the List on who is in the lead and score board, did only apear when you where in the middle of island of the event area. And the Win rule we choose, Most votes, kind of killed the fun "It was...
  7. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Make two diffrent event area on Planet Toulan

    Hi all! I am thinking about making events in toulan, in the future, with the help of the soc i am in "CotS". I think there should be two Event area's, One that are for normal mobs, like mid level. And one for the lowest mobs, Like tabtab young. Why i think there should be an event area for...
  8. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Info for the free CotS only event this sunday 2020-10-11 on Toulan

    Hi everyone, i have made an event in toulan for only CotS members, dont know much about how it works "yeah i know i was the one that created it" I think the event will happen on the island where the event organizer is. Hi have the Reserved event tickets to join the event, PM me in game to get...
  9. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Gonna try to boost economy a little in monria "Now in Toulan"

    Hi, I am not playing as much anymore, so I have bought some AUD. The thing I want to do is to try to boost the economy a little in monria "i am in toulan doing this now", so my plan is to use the revenue from the AUD pay for the mu on the looted things i buy. I will buy at random time’s, I...
  10. Tataio Spitfire misho

    I am buying some things in monria.

    Hi all in monria. I am looking to buy some things here. Explosiv projectails 102% Animal Muscle oil 102% Metal residue: 101% Animal Eye oil: 100.5% Animal hide: 100.5% "just gonna buy a certain amount of it" My name in game: Tataio Spitfire Misho See you around :)
  11. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Video of when i and Kinguxnox was hunting hogglo and longtooth

    Here is a video when i and Kinguxnox tried to hunt hogglo and huntet longtooth. Enjoy! and subscribe! :)
  12. Tataio Spitfire misho

    I have bought my first self sweated Arkadia underground deed

    Hey all, this is a video about my thougts about taking the time to sweat my way to my first Arkadia underground deed. But i gonna write some thougts in this thread to. I have been sweating now for over a month and it have taking me alot of hours to scarp together 60 k sweat. i mean alot of...
  13. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Goal reached for the amount of 60k Sweat :)

    I have reached my goal for 60K sweat. It toke me about a month to gather all sweat. I will make a video in future, more info about it, and of course showing the AUD :D Link: Thanks for watching. subscribe if u can :)
  14. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Selling sweat

    Hallo all. i want to sell 60 k sweat for 1.5 Ped per K. Its all self sweated. If u Think 1.5 ped per k is to much, say a bid in a replie. if u want to know if all the sweat is self sweated Go to my Youtube channal :) Link: Tataio
  15. Tataio Spitfire misho

    I am doing a V-blog/log about gathering sweat to a AUD

    Hi all, i am doing a V-blog/log on Youtube. I do the video to learn edit, record and planing for a video. and of course, see how many Days it would take to gathering the amount of sweat i need for a AUD. Soooo.. i am wondering if someone's in the Community wanted to see what i am up too, follow...
  16. Tataio Spitfire misho

    Suggest for a denser Shoggoth spawn

    Hi everyone, i have been hunting alot for Shoggoth that are around Shapeshifte to Incipient, with some Metamorph in the spawn at Lon: 38043 Lat: 21758. I have done the 10K mission Three times and at my forth time. I am a Laser pistol user. Now i am all about skilling on these shoggoth, but...
  17. Tataio Spitfire misho

    What price is the limited blueprint for monria boxing glove 12oz

    Hallo to u all. Like the headline says, what is the Blueprint for monria boxing glove 12oz Worth? Its like the Holy Blueprint of them all!!! 2 of the 3 ingrediens come from Shoggoth! so i am looking for it, i have swunt alot of sweat for this, so i am ready to burn some peds!!! and if the...
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