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  1. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

    Simon's Working Parts Deal turn-in discrepancy.

    So to upgrade the 4GB of RAM and 1GB Flash Drive, the quest dialogue asks for Ingots, but the tracker indicates that it wants raw materials to be turned in. So after you've refined materials, you're basically screwed. Is this working as intended? Why would a quest ever require unrefined...
  2. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

    The quest NPC Adrienne that gives 'Picking parts for trade' quest is not easily identifiable. No exclamation point appears.

    I have been grinding for hours and didn't know that I needed to go to this NPC in order to get this quest to be eligible to get any parts. The exclamation point quest indicator doesn't appear. This is an extremely important quest and there's no indication to players to go and get it.
  3. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

    I can't TP from Dsec-9 to Elara Terminus teleporter.

    But I can teleport from Elara Terminus to DSEC-9 teleporter. Working as intended? I can't understand why we wouldn't be able to TP from DSEC-9 TP to Terminus. I'm hoping it's just a bug.
  4. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

    Twitch Stream | PurplePoloPlayer

    Hello all, Twitch Stream | PurplePoloPlayer My avatar is Luri UncleMo Nightshade. I'm a returning player from 2013. See you on Monria! PPP
  5. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

    Greetings from Luri UncleMo Nightshade, the Purple Polo Player

    Yea. It's a lot of names. Returning player here from 2013. Excited to check out all the Monria has to offer this weekend. Hope to see you there. Could always use some help. PurplePoloPlayer on Twitch.
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