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  1. Old Shatterhand

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Old Bullseye Shatterhand Monria Born Usually I am incognito. Can I receive a friend request if I am incognito or need to switch to another mode?
  2. Old Shatterhand

    How To Upload Your Forum Avatar Photo

    Thank you for the info! Now I already have an up-to-date photo from 1870 :thumbsup
  3. Old Shatterhand

    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day Event | The Video

    Cool video. Too bad I wasn't there :)
  4. Old Shatterhand

    Monria Daily Hunting Mission | Shoggoth

    Yes, I understand, thanks. similar to the codex missions :)
  5. Old Shatterhand

    Monria Daily Hunting Mission | Shoggoth

    To complete these daily missions, we have to kill a certain number of creatures or does it depend on the ammo spent?
  6. Old Shatterhand

    Monria Daily Crafting Mission

    this looks like the best craft mission in the game :)
  7. Old Shatterhand

    Monria Official Storyline | Publishing Agenda

    I see that you have a lot of fun here :) maybe I will read these books when there is more time left
  8. Old Shatterhand

    Monrian Born Program | How It Works

    Hello Everyone! My in-game name is Old Bullseye Shatterhand..... and my best friend is Winnetou:arrow. I'm born on Monria.
  9. Old Shatterhand

    Welcome to the Forum

    Hi everyone :) I'm born in Monria. Not today but... hope will be not too late to reg in the forum :)
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