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  1. Gatekeeper

    Crashed when Revive TP

    I just crashed the game when I died not far from the DSEC 9 station with Valeria. I died, chose to resurrect instead of use the self res item, while the countdown was going I hit P for position. and then clicked then confirmation button to Res at the res terminal. When I did the game crashed. GK
  2. Gatekeeper

    CTD when TPing from DSEC back to Monria

    Happened to me today twice. Ill post video. Was from DSEC to U tower tp while I had the hunting mission running. 3 times in a row. GK
  3. Gatekeeper

    Tutorial : Skills / Attributes

    I love this and am finding it very helpful. I have one question though. ( I would not be me if i did not have a question) just as an example and not for real playability... "Look up at Agility. Agility, HP increase at 40 points, not hidden so no requirement. This means, gain 40 points in...
  4. Gatekeeper

    Virtualsense VU 21.2 | The Abandoned Mine

    so excited! This is going to be great fun. And, more to come! GK
  5. Gatekeeper

    3- Hour Skilling Run- Thurs May 20, 2021

    I am interested and will be there :) Thanks! GK
  6. Gatekeeper

    What Inventory Would You Like To See?

    I used to cater to crafter and maker types with a little mining and newbie stuff thrown in. If I am going to make the shop work for Monrians as well as myself I would like to know what kinds of things you would like me to stock. I have bits and bobs from other planets. metals, oils, guns, some...
  7. Gatekeeper

    Yamato Repair Runs Expanded to Include Toulan

    I am very happy to read this! its a far cry from the days I would take the Yamato out randomly to skill a few folks just because there were enough ppl. Good job! GK
  8. Gatekeeper

    Monria Wave Events

    Awesome! I would have wandered right through these not knowing what was going on... hehe great job Thanks. GK
  9. Gatekeeper

    Thoughts on what BPs drop the Monria specific BPs?

    Thanks Kendra :) I am happy to be back :) GK
  10. Gatekeeper

    Thoughts on what BPs drop the Monria specific BPs?

    Sounds good. Im not sure about the rarity part. But the rest makes sense. It a shame the BP are gender specific. I have BP for all female gloves, and I want to make some for myself :P GK
  11. Gatekeeper

    Thoughts on what BPs drop the Monria specific BPs?

    I am looking for boxing glove BP at the moment, but am interested in all of them long term. Anyone know what to craft to get drops? ie. is it melee weapon crafting to get the melee weapons, Boxing gloves, to drop? ive been out of the game a while and so much has changed. I thought better ask and...
  12. Gatekeeper

    Monria | Mob Levels, HP | Wave Locations | Pet Locations | Yogs Burrow

    Yay! Wonderful! Thanks so much. you rock! GK
  13. Gatekeeper

    Hello Monria :)

    Welcome Greorgi! I am sorry for the late response. I am happy you are here and know you will have a good time. Thank you for joining our little community and as always let me know if you need anything. Happy Hunting! GK
  14. Gatekeeper

    Hello good people of Monria

    Sorry for the very late response. Hello Keef and welcome! I am glad you found us and am happy you are hanging around. Thanks for joining our little community, as always let us know if you have any questions. We are always glad to help.
  15. Gatekeeper

    2016 Melbourne Cup Sweep!

    Im in Sterling Gatekeeper Sky!
  16. Gatekeeper


    I buy everything Except... yog tusk and skin, most crafted parts like O-rings though can buy simp 1 conductors, Most BPs though i sometimes buy Welding Wire prints. I dont usually buy armor. Always buy - metal residue, most ores, weapons, mob loots and mining loots. If i have too much of...
  17. Gatekeeper

    Happy Birthday | "DME"

    Happy Birthday DME! I am so happy that you are in this wonderful place and that I have met you through the universes strange coincidences. My experience would never have been so much fun nor as exciting if I hadn't found you in this game :) Thanks again for all you do here. *hug*
  18. Gatekeeper

    Perseverance is Stubborness with a Purpose | Update 7

    Well written and your doing a wonderful job DME :)
  19. Gatekeeper

    Hello :)

    Welcome! I think you'll have a great time here:) If you have any questions let us know
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