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  1. SuperKanjo

    Happy Birthday | " Kendra "

    Happy birthday :happybirthday
  2. SuperKanjo

    Make even more diamonds!

    Very nice, gratz :jumpclap
  3. SuperKanjo

    Book of Life Page 99 - Incantations!

    Huge congratulations :jumpclap:wavinghands:jumpclap
  4. SuperKanjo

    Baraka Harness M

    Love the design, thanx for sharing
  5. SuperKanjo

    Monria Release Delayed :(

    Thanks for the clear and honest communication @Eugenio Anhithe Wilde :thumbsup
  6. SuperKanjo

    hunting return log

    Nice to see you keep updating this log 👍 Keep it up, interesting to follow since i have started using the same weapon not too long ago. I witnessed the HOF live on Twitch, huge gratz on that :thumbsup
  7. SuperKanjo

    Sahari Pleat

    Congratulations, looking awesome
  8. SuperKanjo

    DME Teleport Log | Wed, Feb 10th

    Love the story and the pictures :cheer
  9. SuperKanjo

    DME Finally Gets Her Official Avatar | Feb 9th

    Congratz DME :yourock
  10. SuperKanjo

    Reflection on our 2020 Paddy's day event

    Awesome, lot's of green there :thumbsup
  11. SuperKanjo

    Monria was nice for me

    After hunting Shoggoth and Yog for the last days i tried Cultist for a change, after no more then 20 kills this nice loot popped for me :jumpclap
  12. SuperKanjo

    Heyoo :D

    Hi Natalie :hi Welcome ingame and on the forum!
  13. SuperKanjo


    Hi there, welcome to this awesome community! As DME already said, if you have questions just drop them in the ingame #monria channel, everyone is very helpfull.
  14. SuperKanjo

    hi all

    Hi there, welcome! Hopefully catch you ingame sooner or later, Monria is a great place to start out!
  15. SuperKanjo

    DME | Moon State of Mind

    Hey you! As i told you, i was figuring who you were before DME because we're both pretty long term players. Happy to hear who is behind DME because, although i don't know you that well, i can't think of anyone else to fill the position better then you, kudo's for Ant on that! Good to give the...
  16. SuperKanjo

    MindStar9 | 81K+ Crafting ATH 10 yrs Ago | DME's Original Avatar

    I was really wondering who you were before DME after you told me you played for so long. Mystery solved haha.
  17. SuperKanjo

    Hello all!

    Hi there, welcome to Monria!
  18. SuperKanjo

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    Just set foot on Monria the last hours of the event, but had great fun! Gratz to all the winners and next time i will be on time :)
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