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  1. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 6

    Finally!!! The thief was caught, or one of them at least, because it's clear he was not working alone. Everything pointed to a plot from one of the Cults working with Cthulhu against Monrians. This may not be over yet. There's no doubt that he made copies of my diary, but for now, having him on...
  2. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 5

    Another part of my diary was released, Going to kill someone soon, this is too much!!! I need to put a bounty on this thief or something... ---- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx ----- Monria, October 9, 3014 Today I decided to start writing this diary. Everything before...
  3. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 4

    Now this has to stop!, Another call from Angela, one more mail spreading parts of my diary. If i find the thief i will.... ----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx ----- Monria, March 3014 St Patrick's Festivities St Patrick's was coming up, and judging from the previous...
  4. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 3

    I am very upset, Angela just called me again, there is more from my diary running around in DSEC network. Sent again to all DSEC personal, and worse thing, DSEC IT have no clue who is doing it. I may have to get another way to catch this thief... ----- xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx -----xxxx...
  5. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 2

    Just got a message from my friend Angela in DSEC. The thief is back to no good. This time is sending email to all DESC personnel with part of my diary. Going to check what he did this time and contact DSEC IT to see if they can track the origin. I am sure his/her intentions are no good, just...
  6. Anny

    Stolen Diary/Notebook - Part 1

    I am writing this Notebook as a safety measure. If something happens to me (deities protect me), the knowledge of these events will not be lost for the eternity. Bear with me, this does not pretend to be a book, it's just my memories, my thoughts, engraved in ink, not only to avoid being lost...
  7. Anny

    Who is?

    Nice face mask, love it
  8. Anny

    Monria 2019 St Patrick's Day Event | Videos

    Monria 3016 short videos
  9. Anny


    Can we have the furniture and items Thomas Malone have dropable, or crafted as Monria items... pleae, pretty please... they are so nice
  10. Anny

    Some NPC still floating at the Hub

    There are 3 NPC still floating at the Hub, been like that for some time now. I am sure is Obie fault, some spell, but maybe time to put them in the ground :)
  11. Anny

    The Cost of Romance

    November, 3014 DSEC Forensics (formerly Main Crater) is the place where several DSEC personnel stand to provide local and visiting hunters on Monria a means to book missions. These missions help to keep the Monria creature population under control. When a hunter returns to the appropriate DSEC...
  12. Anny

    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day Event | The Video

    Hello fellow Monrians, and friends. The promised St Patrick's Day Event Video. Hope you all enjoy it.
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