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  1. Legends

    Monria VU 4.3 - Armour Updates

    Are the horns still avatar bound? And if so, will the upgraded horned helmet also be avatar bound?
  2. Legends

    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    Thanks Craig :) It's quite possible that different maturities do different damage, for example above level 6, Yogs deal also Cold damage. Please let us know which maturity you noticed this electric damage with. Cheers o/ Legends
  3. Legends

    Monria Quarterly | December 2019 | Launch Issue Published

    Wow! This is a beautiful and very interesting newsletter (and HUGE lol, omg 58 pages!). I haven't read the whole thing yet but so far I have really enjoyed the interview with Ant! Congrats on an excellent publication :thumbsup PS: I mean it, I used to work as a graphic artist and specializing...
  4. Legends

    Embracing the Cthulhu mythos with the Stream

    Love it! Thanks DME :wavinghands
  5. Legends

    Embracing the Cthulhu mythos with the Stream

    I love, love, love the live Stream on Monria, it's always refreshing to come back and hear a selection of eclectic hits, most of them from the 80s or 90s. I'm not about to suggest changing that because I know there are quite a few Monria regulars that love it as well. However last year around...
  6. Legends

    Monria VU 3.0 - His Master's Voice

    Wow! This is really really cool and such a nice surprise! Looking forward to exploring all these changes! Very well done!
  7. Legends

    I chose Monria and like it

    Awesome! Welcome back! Yeah it helps if you are kind of a nerd, I think a large proportion of the player base is a bit nerdy. One of us can definitely run you through a mock trade just to get you familiar with how it works. Use the chats to find a buyer for your sweat. Most of the...
  8. Legends

    Monria | A Grave Halloween Event w/The Shoggs, Yogs, Cultists & Shubs

    It was loads of fun, thanks guys! I accomplished all of these missions during the event window: - Finished 500 Yogs - Finished 100 Cultists - Finished 100 Shubs - Did all 1k Yogs - Did all 500 Cultists :clap
  9. Legends

    Monria | A Grave Halloween Event w/The Shoggs, Yogs, Cultists & Shubs

    Dire Hound and Fury Hound .... Oh is that Zombie Dogs??? :clap
  10. Legends

    Monria | A Grave Halloween Event w/The Shoggs, Yogs, Cultists & Shubs

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to it! :D
  11. Legends

    Negated's First Tower

    W00t! :ecstatic Gratz Negated!
  12. Legends

    Happy Birthday DME

    Happy Birthday DME! Barricade or tape up your windows and hunker down, looks like it's going to be bad for Tampa :coffee
  13. Legends

    DME's 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway 2.0 | Revenge of the Yogs | Postponed to 9/23

    Our thoughts will be with you and your safety this Saturday, that's one heck of a birthday present by the way... Maybe just wishful thinking but I noticed in the last few hours that winds have reduced to 150 MPH, hopefully the strength of Irma doesn't increase again before landfall. Stay safe...
  14. Legends

    Gunner's Goods now open

    Hey Gunner! :hi I'm glad you're doing a shop for materials and resources on Monria, with the crafting daily mission here, I think there's a lot of potential in that area and I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with it :cheer I hope that the ideas I shared with you earlier will end up working...
  15. Legends

    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    During the summer of 2017 I did some testing on Shubs and determined that the damage they deal is as follows: 18% Penetration 35% Impact 15% Cut 32% Stab I did this testing on the Level 17 Combatant Shubs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and...
  16. Legends

    How I determined the Shub's Damage proportions

    For those who would like to know the details of how I did the testing on the Shubs, here it is. It may be helpful to read the thread "How I determined the Yog's damage proportions" first, as I will not explain the steps in this thread as I did in the first one. I will just lay out the tests and...
  17. Legends

    How I determined the Yog's Damage proportions

    A few have asked me how I actually determined the damage types and proportions for the Yogs so I thought I would lay out the specifics here so others can see the math and all the nitty-gritty details if they are interested in that sort of thing. 1. To get the total amount of damage being dealt...
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