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  1. Kingu


    Nr 5 on list.. discovered first apt on Toulan :) yay CotS 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪
  2. Kingu

    Small shub Hunt

    Small shub hunt done by Kingu and filmed by FranClaire :) Just a fun run and nothing serious or anything
  3. Kingu

    Calculation of Viceroy upgrade cost

    Big thank you to Superfly for providing these numbers: here is the cost of Upgrade viceroy at current mu and with some small help of some society members.. 3x[Adjusted Nanites] donated by the CotS for 3 ped (thanks Kingu) 2x[Adjusted Nanites] donated by the CotS for 2 ped (thanks CoSS)...
  4. Kingu

    DME Toulan outfit

  5. Kingu

    Small goal reached

    Not sure where to post this or if i even should but was happy when i saw my skillpont reach my year target with some time left :) Ps. I dont want it to look as a bragging, but more just my own personal achivement for the year.. still have 1 hp to collect and all target for 2019 will be...
  6. Kingu

    Sell looted armor piece

    Hey all.. As title say i have a armor piece i looted up for sale.. thought i should ask in this comunity before any other market :P The piece in question is [Hermes Foot Guards (F,L)] Last time i did a check my avatar was still Male so its of no use to me.. Current tt value on it is...
  7. Kingu

    Event terminal

    I was just ondering if it was an option to change the event termninal in such manner it can host HSL event for 1h as example or other ways of setting up hunt events .. so that societys or other may set some hunt activity in between on the varied mobs? hope it make sence :)
  8. Kingu

    Twitch Stream | Kingu

    Twitch Stream | Kingu Hey all Monrians.. Just a small stream on a not so regular basis but hopefully it can be a fun experience to watch the few times i do send :) Will mainly be soc hunts or events or if i just get bored and shoot wildly.. lol PS.. Hope i did it correct :)
  9. Kingu

    Monria dance :P :)

  10. Kingu

    Small story of Kingu

    As a heads up i will firstly say i am not any writer or fantasy filled soul but here goes!! I was born on a planet called Earth many years ago, wandered around for years and never felt it was a home for me.. Always something missing.. One night i went to bed and had a strange feeling in both...
  11. Kingu

    Me want :P

    I have a big wish that hopefully can be brought to right instance.. i would LOVE to see a cookie plate instead of just dinner plate as that will fit many decoration ideas.. :P Not sure how to implement. maybe just a loot or a new bp that uses some monria based materials would be great :)
  12. Kingu

    Monria Song Contest

    Hello all of the lovely Monria comunity :) After reading todays chat i came up with a small idea.. Cult of the Skull will pay 50 ped to 1 winner that can make a song based upon Bohemian rhapsody with text that will include Monria, Ant, DME, Kendra and Pusherman.. The lyrics must also contain...
  13. Kingu

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to Monria staff and all of the comunity.. may 2019 be a great year with good fun and growth :jumpclap:jumpclap:jumpclap:jumpclap:wavinghands
  14. Kingu

    Happy Birthday Legends

    May уоur birthdау givе уоu thе bеѕt memories till the nеxt one, mау you have success waiting аhеаd of you.Don't worry if we're all getting older - it's a time of wisdom, enlightenment and... I'm sorry, I've forgotten the rest...
  15. Kingu

    Blue Leprechaun stats

  16. Kingu

    Joyfull seasons :D

    Will wish the Monria Team and the TKOE and all of the Monrian comunity a peaceful and happy season holiday. :)
  17. Kingu

    Please add Cyrene

    I guess it says it all in title.. Would be nice if yamato had atleast 1 scheduled trip to cyrene on monthly basis as its a great planet to collect mission and rewards and skill and items that can be used for crfting dailys on monria to vary from the annoying ep1 click every time :) I would say...
  18. Kingu

    Yog keep give

    The good size Yog is still to be found :)
  19. Kingu

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu

    Hi.. I am a Norwegian player of above 40.. Part of the Volunteer team so why not add Mentoring :) What can be said about me.. Arkadia Born 27/7 2016 Finished mentoring in November 2016 Ingame name is Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu My current ingame levels are as follow Laser pistol : Level 52 Blp...
  20. Kingu

    Nice Cultist

    First solo hunt hof on monria :D
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