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  1. Legends

    Embracing the Cthulhu mythos with the Stream

    I love, love, love the live Stream on Monria, it's always refreshing to come back and hear a selection of eclectic hits, most of them from the 80s or 90s. I'm not about to suggest changing that because I know there are quite a few Monria regulars that love it as well. However last year around...
  2. Legends

    SHUB Damage types & Recommended Armor

    During the summer of 2017 I did some testing on Shubs and determined that the damage they deal is as follows: 18% Penetration 35% Impact 15% Cut 32% Stab I did this testing on the Level 17 Combatant Shubs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and...
  3. Legends

    How I determined the Shub's Damage proportions

    For those who would like to know the details of how I did the testing on the Shubs, here it is. It may be helpful to read the thread "How I determined the Yog's damage proportions" first, as I will not explain the steps in this thread as I did in the first one. I will just lay out the tests and...
  4. Legends

    How I determined the Yog's Damage proportions

    A few have asked me how I actually determined the damage types and proportions for the Yogs so I thought I would lay out the specifics here so others can see the math and all the nitty-gritty details if they are interested in that sort of thing. 1. To get the total amount of damage being dealt...
  5. Legends

    YOG Damage types & Recommended Armor

    I did some testing on Yogs and determined that their damage types and distribution is as follows: 22% Impact 30% Cut 30% Stab 18% Acid I did this testing on Level 5 Tunneller Yogs only. This damage distribution is not confirmed to be the same on all levels and maturities. In fact, it is...
  6. Legends

    Hello Monria! :D

    Well Hello! to this great community! I am Inherent Marxus Legends in game, Calypso born in 2006. I was inactive for years but about a year and a half ago I started playing again. I don't have high skills, I'm only level 30 laser, level 10 colorer, level ~13 crafter (armor/weapons). What I most...
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