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  1. Netvalar

    smart phone alerts

    Looking for a way to have responses to specified threads alert me on my smart phone (inefficient little device connected to my hip) I tested a couple of apps googled Xenforo specific apps and now decided to throw my question out into the wilds of these webs????? The watch thread option looks...
  2. Netvalar

    EML helping you start your crafting profession

    "Enhanced Mythura Logistics" would like to help you start your crafting profession. However 1st lets talk about how Monria helps the process. 1 - Crafting daily mission - Everyday you can do this mission for .75 TT of engineering skill. Engineering skill helps with all your crafting skills no...
  3. Netvalar

    Portables, Mining, etc.

    Portable TT - 29 Ped Portable Repair - 34 Ped Finder F-103 - 67.5 Peds Eraktor ES 10 - 23 Peds Out of stock Space Thrusters - 8.25 Ped Out of stock Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) - 34 Ped Out of stock The Sweat Shop, Enhancers, Space Skilling, and Clearance sections are my primary motives thus...
  4. Netvalar

    Sweat Shop

    The idea behind the Sweat Shop originated with a Suggestion from Knight between the 2 of us we got a import export welding wire project going. A big plus to me at the time was the buying of sweat to help all those sweaters on Monria. So now we will start up a side project called "The Sweat Shop"...
  5. Netvalar

    Marketing to Cthullu fans

    I noticed in "Laying the Foundations" that you talk about marketing to MMO players. I was just curious if it was feasible to market to cthulu fans?? I know one of the FB Cthulu pages has over 300k likes and you can focus a FB ad to just those people who like the page. What I don't know is if...
  6. Netvalar

    Temp closure ended

    Well shoot I messed up couple months ago. I am here to update something I apparently never posted. While back I was having problems logging into the game with complete DL. I reinstalled the game 3 different times and bought a new video card. Last week one of my other games wouldn't update due to...
  7. Netvalar

    Who wants a Monria Coffee Cup?

    There are some good graphics the Monria Team have put together what would be the odds of having them placed on Mugs, Throw Pillows, ETC. Society 6 is a great place to accomplish this you could even add a pence or 2 for profit. Society6 | Affordable Art Prints, iPhone Cases and T-shirts I want...
  8. Netvalar

    Enhancers Now in Stock

    Mining Skill I - 6 Ped -- Lot 5 Mining Skill III - 9 Ped -- Lot 5 Mining Depth I - 10 Ped -- Lot 5 Mining Depth III - 10 Ped -- Lot 5 Excavator Speed I - 3.5 Ped -- Lot 5 Weapon Accuracy I - 12 Ped -- Lot 5 Weapon Damage I - 15.5 Ped -- Lot 5 Weapon Damage II - 15.5 Ped -- Lot 5 Weapon Damage...
  9. Netvalar

    Space Skilling Stock Now in

    Vehicle Rk-5 - 10 Ped Welding Wire 50768 lots - 8.5 ped Alternative Ingot lots of 200 - 7.5 ped Ospra Ingot Lots of 200 - 14 ped //// Lots 500 - 34.5 Ped Each RK-5 should last just over 3 hours of repair skilling and take 50768 of welding wire. This explains the lot size as...
  10. Netvalar

    Imports and Exports section now gone

    Alternative Ingot lots of 200 - 7.5 ped Ospra Ingot Lots of 200 - 14 ped
  11. Netvalar

    Clearance Sale

    Current Clearance items consist of armor, launchers, F-101, a shirt and hat We have 1 room to the left of entrance set up for clearance. I'll do my best to keep a few things in that room priced low low low oh and they obviously will be low MU items don't plan too much of a loss from them...
  12. Netvalar

    Enhanced Mythura Logistics

    Current thought is Enhanced Mythura Logistics 6-16-2016 Kendra suggested Lunar Logistics for the import and export I was doing at the time. Since I see the shop as an extension potential for that project I am thinking of taking it back up got to start the research and experimenting from scratch...
  13. Netvalar

    Apartment Hunting

    I was looking at some apartments open to the public in Cthulu towers and had an idea. In search of fulfilling that idea I want to see about purchasing an apartment on Monria. Now the idea is granting shop owners I contact regarding wholesaling my welding wire guest rights and placing an...
  14. Netvalar

    Selling Welding Wire

    Selling Welding wire 160% MU = 50k for 8 ped almost enough for 1 RK-5 when skilling in space. Each RK-5 lasts between 3 and 4 hrs of skilling as I recall (someone more recent let me know If this has changed) Currently have 2 million in stock. Shop Owners PM me for special wholesale prices
  15. Netvalar

    Welding Wire BP

    Currently paying 160% MU for welding wire BP Looking for buyers for when I am out of game PM for special resell price Knight is my 1`st official buyer of BP for when I am offline or off planet.
  16. Netvalar

    Valar of the Net

    Ignorant Netvalar here to spend time on the moon could be a year could be a decade most definitely won't be a century. Been to the tropics of the rocks landed on the Island (bored quickly and left) Never did travel to the past what a shame. Just realized I missed Cy in my travels through space...
  17. Netvalar

    Cthulu based clothing

    Primarily I am thinking head gear and cultist style robes. Each Cthulhu mythos cult had different robe styles so many styles to work on. Have them craftable so as to add to Monria's economy. I think out of 6 cults 2 wore everyday clothing 2 wore what was so similar robes to be confused with...
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