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  1. Kinkie

    Juvenile TT hunt with a twist

    I want to get a little team together for a TT hunt like the old opalo days, and at the same time promote my new soc. Mainly aiming at the newer hunters, but all are welcome, I'll be making a team on Friday the 7th of May at the Guardian Village east entrance, on Toulan, please bring your own...
  2. Kinkie

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Hi, I have happened upon a weapons cache, that I want to trade for sweat. They would be ideal for hunting TabTabs or the Juveniles outside Guardian Village that make noise at all hours of the day:- Mawlood Recruit Eagle / Rubio 175 sweat Mawlood Recruit Hawk / Azuro 1100 sweat Modec...
  3. Kinkie

    Name the film

    Name the film I'm thinking of
  4. Kinkie

    Kinkie, Signing In.

    Hey all, long time lurker first time post. I'm in with the Knights of Entropia, and hopefully doing some repair runs on the Yamato soon. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none! p.s I tend to write in purple, but it looked too dark against the grey, so you'll have to put up with this...
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